Friday, 16 September 2011

NOTD - Paperclip Petals

NOTD today is a quirky quick design that even the most inexperienced nail enthusiasts amongst us should do in a jiffy. 

Choice of colours is Starlight by TopShop, a stunning silver foil polish that I've been loving since the summer time. Catrice Purpalised is a deep purple with a subtle siver metallic sheen, it can change colours from different angles. A very wearable shade for pingys or piggies. 

Start with 2 coats of Catrice
Hooogely expensive nail art tools

Dip the tip of the paperclip
5 touches will give you petals, no precision needed!
Using the hair clip, one dot of Catrice (or your base colour of choice) serves as the centre 
And there we have it!

These flowers can be done using any colour combination, but also any amount of flowers. The reason my petals are so large is because of the plastic covered paperclip used. Your average steel clip will produce much finer petals. 

It's a quick way to jazz up a normally plain mani so what say you? Yeah? Hell Yeah?

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