Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nail Tips - Livening Up Polishes - Glitter Dots Y'all

The lovely Síle (whose Bday it is today, whoot!) one of the four brains behind the fab Emerald Eyeliner blog was showing us her picks for Sally Hansen Autumn Nails  but was fairly iffy about the above colour, Café Au Lait, for wearing on its lonesome. The above is my take on how to rock the colour and was tweeted with the quickness.

We know I have Magpieitis when it comes to glitters so I got to thinking... Using a simple hair clip as a dotting tool like I did with the cherry blossom nails any colour can be brought to life. 

Several colour combos

& on the nail

While I'm not advocating you wear every combination you have at once, merely showing you options, they're your nails and if that floats your boat get mixing and matching!

Nudes can be livened up and mattes given a lift while still being office appropriate or your more garish colours can be combined with more dots for night out nails. 

What do we reckon? Give it a shot? 

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