Friday, 30 September 2011

Naily Bargains from 'cross the Border!

On a stealth break for the border I picked up quite a few bargains but thought I'd share my polish mini haul, few nice ones here.
I reckon I was vay restrained

This Sally Hansen range is one of my favouties to work with, 5 steps in one polish, yes please! Got these in the Medical Hall in The Quays Centre for £5 each! You heard me, they're over €10 here, depending on where you buy 'em. Bastids. Colours shown are: Purple Pulse, Wine Not & Pedal to the Metal. That Wine Not is a gorgeous rich, shiny red & sure to be an Autumn staple. 

Two crackles from the Boots 17 range, I'm not normally a huge fan of crackles but these I like. I used the purple over Essence Lime Up for comparison & the black/gold glitter over Betty Jackson Gold. Both lovely effects for less than £3!

These I picked up in Superdrug Banbridge, from Miss Sporty & Collection 2000 respectively. I'm hugely impressed with both the colour & consistency of these little treasures. Creamy metallics with one coat opacity for less than £2 each? Get in mah bag!! So impressed am I with these that they feature in today's NOTD for the blogger meet up tonight: 

Isn't they gawjus? The little heart is done using the paperclip method I showed ye a couple of weeks ago. Simple! (The ring was less than a tenner too - Bargain!)

These I picked up for nail art specials & have several ideas bubbling up already. Full set were only £1.99 in a craft shop. They'll do the job nicely. 

& finally a couple of boxes of these creepy talons for practising said nail art. The Gorgebags are beginning to threaten me with the ISPCC if I continue to practice on them. Do NOT tell them I told you that, K?

So what do we think? Fancy the look of any of them? I was going to do a compete haul post but that'd just make me feel bad & we can't have that of a Friday, wha? 
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