Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday's Moments - 26/09

Big apologies, folks for a late in the day instalment but hoooge Thanks for those of you that actually asked where this post was! Love it!

Without further ado - My moments of awesome this week have been...

1. I know I know you!

Sales of Dapper Dan shot up pre family reunion
This weekend saw us (Mamito & I) tootling off to Killarney for a family wedding. We had an absolute ball. Seeing cousins I literally have not seen in donkeys (they were never in donkeys) and Aunts & Uncles that only remember me when I wore pigtails (that was years ago, I swear).

Killarney is a beautiful part of our country but rocking the boat with people you haven't rocked the boat with in 20+ years? Now that's class.

2. Cha Ching!

Ever have too much month at the end of your money? Despite my efforts to the contrary it still happens occasionally. That's what makes it that much more Kick Ass when a rummage for toll change in the cars ashtray produces one of these bad boys!

Only thing better than finding money in the street? Finding money you forgot you had. Fact.

3. Oh, its on!!

Sometimes in life you witness something so funny, the mere recollection turns you to a jibbering wreck, you're actually frightened to tell people in case the memory is ruined by a deadpan stare & a 'You had to be there'. So I'm typing it, if you don't like it, feck ye!

On the way to a site visit last week I passed a field of cows, in the space of minutes it took to pass I witnessed two cows squaring up to one another, then shoving, then high kicking and the toppling of the loser into the ditch!! Like, who wrestles someone into a ditch? How does a cow get out of a ditch? Will there be a rematch? What does a farmer think when he sees one cow flailing in a ditch and the other grinning smugly? Vicious Cows!

4. Ta Dah!

My event was 'slightly' lower key than this

Part of my daily grind is setting up publicity and educational events. It's also 'apparently' being roped in at the last possible second to set up such an event. Who doesn't love needless pressure & next day notice?

I do love the job, love almost everything about it. Which, I know, makes me very lucky. But sometimes the pressure is almost too much. Last week saw just such an occurrence. Last minute, fly by the seat of your Hi-Vis pants but still pull it out of the bag event? Sorted. Now that's a great feeling.

5. Yay for the Tellybox!

I'm not a huge fan of this time of year, back to school, darker evenings, (More) miserable weather. But one thing I do look forward to is some of my fave tellybox shows returning. 

Downton Abbey, The Office, Modern Family, Blue Bloods. (I'm not admitting to X-Factor & Made in Chelsea. I'm not, but whoot!). Some serious televisual entertainment right there. Score. 

What's been A-OK with you lovelies this week then? Hmmm?

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