Thursday, 31 January 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally.

Wowsers, Thursday again? Weeks are rocketing past though today is Pay Day, first proper one since Christmas and that's enough to make me LOL maniacally for the duration of this post. That, however, wouldn't be nearly as rib tickling as showing you 5 examples of actual hilarity though, so here, have these instead: 

  1. This youtube job application video was shared by my ever loving and quite hilarious Broseph. It shows pretty conclusively why I could never do Youtube videos with these messers in the house. I feel your pain, Jen, really I do. 
  2. The Poke made it into the top five again this week for their People v Fitness video. Seriously, I watched this in the car, with the windows up and guffawed so loud that I startled a granny getting into her car beside me. Genius. 
  3.  There's some pretty hilarious posts going on over on The Daily Edge but this ode to Pat Kenny made me crease up so much that I had to read it three times straight before trying to describe it to anyone who'd listen. Happy BDay, Pat. (I'm reading it again).
  4. This photo titled 'Why My Roomate is a F*cking Asshole!' made me burst out laughing so loud that it frightened the dog. Soz, Dog. 
  5. I know I've already given The Daily Edge a shout out but seriously, I couldn't NOT include this splutteringly good synopsis of this week's Deception (it's a gick show on Irish TV but not the way @michfreeman tells it). Every time an old crone mentioned, in all seriousness, how good the show was this week I could only chuckle at the memory of this post. Cheers Mr Freeman.  

And that's them, the five things that made me go LOL, literally. Do let me know of you enjoyed them and, as ever, share the link love below if there's something that's made you laugh, out loud this week, ja? 

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