Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Look: Olay Total Effects 7 Moisturiser & Serum Duo

My initial reaction having opened Olay post yesterday was definitely a positive one. Firstly, because I'm actually pumping air on my beloved Nuxelle Jeunesse (review tomorrow) and secondly because I've always had a soft spot in mo croí for Olay or Oil of Ulay as I insist on calling it. Olay Total Effects 7 Moisturiser and Serum Duo is promising some pretty big things though. Will it deliver?
Studies find that Olay rocks, apparently. 
Aimed at multi tasking women, wanting to skips steps in skincare yet not skimp on skincare effects, it would seem that this moisturiser/serum duo is right up my street. In its most concentrated formulation yet, Olay Total Effects 7 M&S Duo is based on the long standing market favourite, Olay Total Effects Day Moisturiser but with the added goodness of beauty lovers' current obsession, serum. 

First Impressions: Because this is a First Look post and I've only used the product once I can only give you my first impressions with a full review to follow. Here they be: 

  • Aesthetics: The bottle is compact, sturdy and the pump perfect for efficient one pump applications. 
  • Consistency: I was more than a little taken aback by the heavy cream formula but pleasantly surprised when it absorbed quickly and left no residue or greasiness. 
  • Scent: This has given me pause for thought with this product to be honest. Leaning toward Sudocrem with a hint of suncream, I'm guessing the SPF 20 is to blame. It's not unpleasant by any means but I'm not sure I'm a fan. 
  • On the skin: Having only used it once, my make up seemed to sit nicely for the day. My skin could breathe and felt comfortable for the duration. For now, it's a win. 

Olay Total Effects 7 Moisturiser and Serum Duo will be available from February priced at €23.74 (A lot more reasonably priced than the majority of serums and serum based products). While my first impressions are positive, I'm going to continue with my night time Origins routine and report back in a month with a full review. 

Are you an Olay fan? Will it forever be Ulay to you too? 


Kat said...

Yep, no matter what I'll always be Oil of Ulay in the pink bottle. My beloved nanny was never without it, I can still smell it and it brings back memories of watching her going through her morning beauty routine.

The current Olay products are pretty underestimated over here too. They don't get much hype, but you have ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and pentapeptides in the Regenerist range. Good stuff! I'll defo be on the Ulay bandwagon soon.

Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this!

Sam said...

Really interested in seeing how you get on with this :)

Sam Muses xx