Monday, 14 January 2013

First Look: Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish

Being a self confessed Nail Nut and an avid Zoya fan, when this press release pinged into my inbox I knew I'd have to share it. Though Zoya PixieDust won't be hitting our shores for another 4 weeks, it has already created a stir Stateside for its unique formulation and one off texture on the nail bed that's because, once dried, PixieDust is a snag free wonder that's both matt AND sparkling. Crazy talk, right? 

Zoya PixieDust will be available in 6 different shades (as seen up top) so there'll be a colour choice ideal for some talon oopmh for a special night out or a more sedate manicure for day time wear. Zoya recommend that it is worn without base or top coat, which worries me slightly given the tendency of glitters to scratch the nail bed but first reports haven't mentioned any difficulties at all. 

Although we've to wait a little while to get our mitts on these intriguing polishes (I'll have a full review as soon as that happens) every colour is already available for pre-order from the fully stocked Irish Zoya provider SuperNail Ireland

What think we? Ready to dust up your nails yet?!

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