Tuesday, 29 January 2013

**Exclusive Fine One One Reader Giveaway**

If you've dipped your toe in beauty tags on social media over the past week, you'll have seen that they're awash with #FineOneOne and #GetGorgeous hashtags. This new brightening cheek and lip colour from Benefit has Beauty Bloggers and devout Benebabes in a tizzy and with one look at the product, it's not hard to see why. 

Promising to instantly Lift, Shape and Pop your cheeks in one simple stroke, Fine One One is the ideal blush product for those of us wanting to skip a couple of make up steps in our routine. With three colours, Pink Champagne to highlight, Sheer Watermelon to blush and Soft Coral to softly contour, this roll up stick of loveliness is a cinch to use. 

Fine One One: €34

While not recommended for use over powder, if you find that Fine One One needs a little staying power on your skin you can double up by using your favourite powder blush lightly on top. ( I always liked that duality with Benefit products) Think SugarBomb as a day time choice and Bella Bamba for brighter cheeks in the evening, though I haven't had to top up at all as yet.  
While at the launch last week I was so taken with Fine One One that I knew you lovely CherrySue readers would appreciate the chance to be one of the first in the country to try it, luckily Benefit Cosmetics Ireland agreed and have kindly offered one up for the taking. 

Entry, as ever, couldn't be simpler. Give the widget there a click or three and voila(!) you're in the running to get gorgeous. Good Luck, everyone. 

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