Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Tried, Tested & Loved: My Unsung Beauty Heroes ft Xen-Tan, Seche Vite, Murine, Avon Supershock & Cutex

While I love to bring you exciting news of upcoming launches or products I've been getting to grips with, I thought today I'd spare a thought for the real heroes in my every day rotation that have never quite made it onto the blog before. Products that I've bought again and again ad infinitum and will continue to buy because they just blahhdy well WORK. 

First we have Xen-Tan gradual daily self tan. I first mentioned my adoration for this product, which predates my blogging escapades, in a comment on this post by Karen of the LovelyGirlyBits about forgotten favourites. 

I've been using this olive based, vanilla scented tanner in bouts, every time I use it I spend the following day or three admiring the warm, natural glow it gives my kisser and décolletage without the self tan smell and then, inexplicably, I stop. Without fail, when I've begun to use it again I always wonder why I ever stop. You can be guaranteed there'll be at least two tubes of this lovely stuff in my stock at any given moment. If you haven't tried it yet, please do. 

Seche Vite is a game changer when it comes to quick drying top coats, truly. It's the only top coat I've ever used (and there's been many) to actually dry the polish in 60 seconds flat. It penetrates every layer of polish and base coats and adheres them to the nail bed to a 'have the eye out of your head' super shine finish. 

Ideal for nail art, polish on the go and reviving manis after a couple of days wear, I can't sing the praises of Seche Vite highly enough. Again, I'll always have at least two bottles in my stash. 

I have CherryPops (el Daddio) to thank for my love of Murine eyes drops. For as long as I can remember he's sworn by them for dry and tired peepers and they've certainly helped me out on countless occasions. 

While I wouldn't recommend consistent use of any kind of eye drops, Murine works instantly to clear, brighten, whiten and relieve tired eyes. They've been a saviour for me on nights with less than 6 hours sleep, on the occasion that I jab myself viciously in the eye with a mascara wand (waaay too often) and on nights out and about - one drop of these bad boys in each súil and you're instantly awake again. I heart 'em. 

There's one Avon product that I've bought 5 times now and that's a lot to do with the fear that I'll never find it again. Avon's Supershock eyeliner in Blackberry is a super soft, deep plum/brown metallic kohl that's ridiculously flattering on green/blue eyes. 

This lovable, smudgeable liner glides on effortlessly but, once set, refuses to budge. It's hands down my all time favourite pencil liner (despite its need to be sharpened about 3 times a week).  

Last up we have Cutex Moisture Guard. Another cheap as chips (only cheaper) product that I've bought probably a bajillion times so far. I've a full review of my love for this remover here. It's nail friendly, not too stinky and bloody good at what it does, isn't that what a product hero should be? 

Despite trying a moxy load of other removers, Cutex is one brand that I consistently come back too and you can be pretty much guaranteed there's no less than 6 bottles of this stuff floating around Casa Cherry at any given time. 

So that's it, these tireless beauty heroes have finally had their day. Tell me this though, is there anything that YOU buy so often that it's become second nature at this stage? 'Eggs, Milk, Lug-Hole Wax Strips'?  Lemme know!

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fifibelle said...

Will have to give Seche Vite a go now!

I always have Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, L'Oreal mascara and the Nails Inc buffer, other than that, I'll try anything!