Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally.

Well last week's Things to Make You Go LOL post seemed to go down a treat, so much so that the word 'LOLoisseur' was bandied about - not by me, I swear. Anywho, I thought I'd share a couple more instances of actual, literal LOLs, ready? 

1. David Thorne's entire site is hilarious but please, read this back and forth with his neighbour about a floodlight. Truly magnificent.

2. I've never been quiet about my Rideface grá but this clip of him with Will Ferrell on Jimmy Kimmel had me guffawing at my desk. The caption says they're selling knives, looks more like a gun show to moi...

3. Titled 'OH HOLY CHRIST', this gif has made me laugh so much that I couldn't even look at it again before linking it here. 

4. A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL gets funnier the more I watch it. Must have taken blahhhdy hours to get it so right (so wrong). 

5. You had one job, Phil! This picture tickles me even thinking about it. We can only hope the real Phil Tippett has seen it... and regrets his negligence. 

And that's it, five more things that made me go LOL, literally this week. Do share your own in the comments, I love to see 'em!. 


Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA I love you but. Can't wait for next weeks!

Makeup Over Mind said...

Oh dear God, my face hurts ! :)

Sue Jordan said...

That's EXACTLY the reaction I was hoping for Sera!! :D

Sue Jordan said...

YAY!!! Delighted you got a chuckle, Orla, there's no medicine like it in the world :)

Lorraine said...

Only this