Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday's Moments: 07/01/13

Well, it's official, as you're reading this I'm either sat back at my desk or still dragging my knuckles and handbag behind me as I make my way to the office. Is it just me or was that the quickest Crimbo in the history of Crimbos? 

I shouldn't be giving out though, we'd a nice long break and got several things sorted homewise around Casa Cherry with more than a little thanks to a very helpful beau so we're ready to face the year in improved surroundings - now that's a great feeling. How about some Moments, eh?

1. Chuffage!

Because there hasn't been a Monday's Moments since before Christmas I hadn't got the chance to share with you this gorgeous post by Cindy over on her blog Girl with the Skew Earring. I'd been feeling particularly pishy on the day this post showed up in my twitter feed and it not only cheered me up but it made my week. 

Cindy is one of the funniest, most genuine peeps I've had the pleasure of meeting through the blog and I'm only thrilled that's she's even more lovely in real life. Don't believe me? Have a read of that post and be sure to hit the follow button over there - you really won't regret it. Thanks, Cindy, I'm hugely flattered you end of a leg x. 

2. TK Maxx FTW

Moment number two is going to seem a little grannyish but it left me feeling smug for the entire week so I'm totally including it. I've been on a bit of a home improvement buzz as I mentioned and was determined to buy some nice towels in the sale to spruce up the bathroom a bit. 

With a bale for €120 (on sale) in hand in Harvey Norman I decided I'd check the Mecca of Mayhem itself TK Maxx on the off chance. I only went and picked up an entire DKNY bale for less than half that! They're ridiculously soft, incredibly lush and I've even put them out for use resisting every urge to tell the Gorgebags they were 'for show not for blow'. It's a little bit nice to have nice things, especially when those nice things cost you next to nowt. 

3. Right in the Nostalgia!

While sitting in with Adam the other night this new Audi ad happened to come on. As soon as the song started he looked at me wide eyed and started to smile, you see I used to sing The Ugly Duckling to the Gorgebags when they were mini Gorgebags, leaning into the double buggy and blowing raspberries where needed and they'd both crease up laughing. 

It was a memory that I'd completely buried and it was only when I saw Adam smiling it all came back. He could only have been 2 or 3 at the time but the tune brought us both right back there. Of course as soon as I welled up a little at the thought I got a 'Oh for God Sake!' from him. Teens, wha? 

4. Ladies Wot Lunch

One of the most enjoyable moments (collection thereof) of the entire holliers had to be a very schmancy lunch with Karen of the LovelyGirlyBits in Pichet. I absolutely love that place normally but we laughed right the way through our meal, which made it all the better. 

Of course some shopping and *ahem* several cocktails had to be had for the season that was in it but just taking a day out for chats, laughs and a change of scenery were just what the doctor ordered. MOAR BOOZY LUNCHES I say. 

5. Ralph Far From Wrecked it!

Thanks to a good pal we got to see a preview of Wreck it Ralph yesterday, I know I don't normally mix Moments with Movies but I've been smiling ever since the screening and that's something pretty special. 

I felt like a 6 year old again watching this completely adorable film, it's beautifully animated, brilliantly clever, super sweet and has shot right into my top five favourite animated films of all time. It doesn't hit screens till early February but do please put this one in your diaries. It's gonna be huge! 

And that's me for another week, tell me, what was your highlight of the holiday season then? I'd love to hear...


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

My Monday Moment: I made the Monday Moments!!!! Thanks for the kind words Sue! I am glad I helped cheer up a dull day :)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

More booooozy lunches wot are followed by totally unnecessary but oh so fulfilling shopping followed by even more jinks is deffo on the horizon for 2013 :)

beauty bar said...

My Monday moment is my delicious lunch with my fiancee.,

Anonymous said...

"end of leg"?!? (and I just had to Google the word 'bale' in relations to towels. Now I know...).

Anyway, lovely to see you back! :)


Sue Jordan said...

You certainly did Cindy, Thanks so much again x

Sue Jordan said...

Oh it's ON like a prawn that yawns at dawn!

Sue Jordan said...

Oooh nice! :)

Sue Jordan said...

Haha, I mean a legend (leg-end) Eleanorjane :D

Thanks a million, it's great to be back in the swing of things. Hope you'd a fab Christmas! x

Unknown said...

ah I had no idea what that ralph film was about until now. I love Some nights by fun. I need that film in my life now :P

Anonymous said...

I loved Cindys nails she did! I like the look of your and Karen's lunch date! Yum!