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5 Makeup and Skincare Tips to Reduce Red Skin

I've a bit of a treat for you today, beauty lovers, the ever wise Susannah is back with 5 make up and skincare tips to help keep reddened skin under control. Take it away Miss Susannah!

Who wouldn't love glowing skin and rosy cheeks? The problem is when that glow is more radioactive than radiant, and that rosy is edging towards ruddy. From a hint of rouge to full-blown, sunburn-chic red, if you've got red skin you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Here are my top skincare and makeup tips to fix it!

1.       Use a Gentle Cleansing Lotion

It all starts with the cleanser you use when you wake up in the morning. Red skin is often accompanied by acne and unfortunately, many of the ‘anti-acne’ cleansers out there are really harsh on your skin. Irritated skin is red skin, so if your skin feels hot, tingly or sore after cleansing it’s time to swap your cleanser!

Look for a mild, gentle cleansing milk, preferably pH balanced to be kind to your skin. Avoid anything that contains alcohol or has ‘astringent’ written on the bottle!

2.       Invest in Natural Products

Even if your cleanser and moisturiser are ‘gentle’, that doesn’t mean they’re chemical free. Red skin is often a mild allergic reaction to the irritating chemicals found in so many beauty products today so if you’ve tried everything and your skin’s still red, it’s time to swap to all-natural products. Look for an all natural skin care for rosacea range, which is designed to calm and soothe angry red skin.

Naturals extends to more than just your skincare – there are plenty of all-natural cosmetics brands out there now too, and if you’re using a natural cleanser only to apply non-natural foundation on top you’re undoing all that good work!

3.       Use an SPF all Year Round

I don’t need to explain the link between sunburn and red skin. However, even if your skin doesn’t look or feel burnt, that doesn’t mean the sun hasn’t had something to do with your reddish glow. Sensitive skin can be aggravated by UV rays, so it needs a protective barrier.
Wear a minimum of SPF15 all year round – yes, even in winter! – or, if you’re like me and you just won’t remember, look for one of the many foundations that contain built-in sun protection.

4.       Use Green Concealer

When green concealer first became known to the high-street, I was a little sceptical. Surely caking green stuff on my face was going to make me look like a zombie, not a normal person? However, green concealers are actually one of those super secret products that top makeup artists keep stashed in their cosmetics cases, and for good reason too!

Green is opposite red on the colour wheel, which means the two kind of cancel each other out. The key is to buy expensive, and use in moderation. A cheap, green concealer will only make you look, well, green, so be sure to find a high-quality one. Apply it only to very red patches, not all over your face, and use just one or possibly two thin layers. Above all, be sure to wear under your foundation, not on top of it – green concealer needs concealing itself!

5.       Take the time to find your perfect foundation

There are literally thousands of foundations to choose from: cheap ones, luxury ones, liquid ones, powder ones, mineral ones... and, of course, every shade of ‘skin tone’ under the sun! When it comes to combating red skin, it’s imperative you’re using the right foundation. This is arguably the cosmetic item most worth splashing out on, since it’s going to be used on so much of your face.

Remember that foundation is not designed to cover up (that’s the job of concealer – unless it’s this foundation) your real skin tone, so it shouldn’t be too light (you’ll look pasty) or too dark (you’ll look like you’re wearing way too much makeup). Instead, spend the time – and money! – to find a foundation shade the non-red skin on your neck and décolletage as perfectly as possible.

Do you have any more tips to cover up red skin, or specific product recommendations that have worked for you? Please leave me a comment below...

Susannah Perez is a beauty blogger and fashion addict with a penchant for red lipstick – something that’s hard to carry off with matching red skin!

All hugely helpful tips, Thanks a mill, Susannah! 

You can read Susannah's previous guest post on how to fight acne naturally here (you know you wanna) and follow the lady herself on the twitter machine here. If you'd like to have a guest post featured on CherrySue, why not just drop me a line and we'll chat!

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