Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Look: Dr Hauschka 'Dear Eyes' Limited Edition Collection

I was absolutely thrilled this week to meet up with Dr Hauschka's International Make Up Artist, Karim Sattar not once but twice to not only get the low down on the brand new Dream Eyes collection (pictured) but also glean some handy hints and tips that I'll be sharing this week. This limited edition collection places eyes firmly in the spotlight with a universally usable eyeshadow trio, new kajal liner, Volume Mascara and two natural hair (pony don't you know) and birchwood brushes. Let's take a closer look shall we? 

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Trio Palette: €32.95

First up, housed in heavy plastic, high shine rose gold, the Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Trio Palette is designed to complement every eye colour and add radiance to any look. In keeping with Dr Haushcka's ethos of using natural ingredients, each creamy, soft  shadow contains fine silk powder, kidney vetch extract, witch hazel and black tea. 

The Sparkling Nude can be used as an eyeshadow base or indeed highlighter, Pearly Rose adds a subtle freshness to the eye and Matt Chocolate is designed to give the eye depth but can also be used damp as a soft, defining liner. 

Dear Eyes Volume Mascara: €24.25
Though this quote may be true, the fact is the ingredients in Dr.Hauschka Volume Mascara Black are just a leeedle bit lovely. Beeswax, candelilla wax, rose wax and silk all work to wrap the lashes individually while the bushy brush gives volume, curl and some serious staying power. The scent of rose from this formulation is unmistakable ( I loves it) but sensitive eyed lovelies can be sure that extracts of black tea, neem and eyebright care mean it won't aggravate the delicate eye area.  

New Formula Dear Eyes Kajal Black Liner: €16.00
Made with a composition of botanical oils and waxes, this new formula kajal liner is soft and malleable but sets quickly to add definition to your eye look. Karim offered that very handy pocket tip, which I duly tweeted and the ever astute Mags from EmeraldEyeliner.com volleyed back with the an alternative warming place. (Loving your work as ever Mags).

Dear Eyes LE Brushes: Definer: €22: Blender: €26.50
Lastly in this ode to eyes we have two brand new but limited edition brushes. Made from natural hair and sporting the same rose gold colour embossed in the handles, these brushes are seriously soft. Although on the slightly higher end of the spendy spectrum these brushes are beautifully put together and do exactly as they're meant to do with no fall out or dragging at all. If you take care of these bad boys they could be with you for life. 

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes is on counters now but again is limited edition, should you like the look of any or all of these pieces my recommendation if to hotfoot it to your nearest stockist quick sharp. You'll find stands in Health Stores, good Pharmacies, Avoca, Harvey Nic's and McCabes@ Clerys.

Tell me, has anything caught your peepers? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Love it all and can't wait to get my paws on it and on my face!

My Stepping Stone said...

I was checking the eyeshadow out at the weekend and think it looks so pretty. I would have picked it up only for the fact that I have a few similar shades already. I have a Dr Hauschka Mascara already and love it! I find it really buildable and so easy to use - perfect for creating different eye looks!

Anonymous said...

The eyeshadow looks fab. Whats the payoff and staying power like?

Sue Jordan said...

The colours are buttery soft and apply easily. I only need the smallest amount of each and I'm good to go for the day. The matt chocolate is actually a really flattering liner when brought from under the eye up to the top lid using a dampened brush :)