Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First Look: Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra Polishes

I'm a fickle divil when it comes to polish and for that very reason I'm always on the hunt for something that will cut down on application time and still look sweet. Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure range is a firm favourite for that very reason but Rimmel have once more teamed up with Kate Moss and they're about to take the one step manicure market by storm with the new and improved salon Pro with Lycra polish range. 

Taking the Eye out of One's Head with the Shine
Giving a gel salon finish without the hassle or the inevitable damage to your nails, these polishes have gotten the super shine down pat. But how? 

'Salon Pro with Lycra is enriched with clever Colour Script gel encapsulated microscopic tube particles'. 

Right, so.

All 22 colours from the new and improved range (Fuzzy iPhone Launch Pic)
While the polishes promise to be a one step wonder when it comes to your home manicure I'd still suggest a base coat with the deeper/stronger colours to prevent nail staining. But look at that shade range for choice. 

The new and improved brush is a stubby wonder. Short, sweet and perfect for full control and precision when applying your polish. 

Brit Pop and Punk Rock with no topcoat making my unloved nubs look a-ok!
The collection includes 9 shades of the 22 that were developed and named in collaboration with Kate Moss, each denoted with Kate's signature and to be honest they may be my favourites of the lot. We're talking minimal effort for seriously good results and isn't that what beauty today should really be about. 

Rimmel Salon pro with Lycra will be available from April 22nd and priced at a very reasonable €6.45 each. What think we? 

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