Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

Morning all, you can all thank me for the warp speed with which this week has flown in ALWAYS happens when I'm off dognammit! In brighter news I've five more literal LOLs to keep me and hopefully you entertained for a little while:
  1. I'm more than partial to funny stand up but when it's advice that could also save your life? I'm on it. #LifeProTip Russians are terrifying. To everyone.  
  2. Now I'm never one to side with the paps but as soon as I saw this photo of disgraced cabinet minister Chris Huhne I burst out laughing. You can almost hear the pap saying 'Just a leeeedle bit closer'. Sorry, Chris. 
  3. This video may have been out a couple of months ago but Thanks to Skinny Doll, I was reminded of it today. We will marry your girlfriends is pretty much how we should treat all far right wing activists and extreme christian bigots, with mocking hilarity. Well done brahs. 
  4. When this picture popped up on Facebook with the title 'They've been shouting at it all morning' I very near peed mah pants. I'm back to work Tuesday, you best believe I'll be printing some labels!
  5. We all know our favourite national holiday is coming up this weekend. Every year around this time we'll see an influx of jovial American tweets heralding the arrival of St Patty's Day - eh, you wha? This year, this site has taken matters into its own hands and even has a handy live update with offending tweets included with the ability to reply directly and let the 'tweejits' know of their erroneous ways. Hilar!

Ok, give it to me straight, did you like LOL, literally? I'm watching the 'We will marry your girlfriend' vid again, that shizz may never get old. 

Happy Thursday, People!


Rob Jordan said...

LOL'd :)

Unknown said...

number one was awesome - gonna practice my accent for the rest of the day :)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Bwhaha No 2 is gas! That's how I feel sometimes taking pics of my face up close and personal hehe