Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

We're on a short week, people, so we're going into this with mirth already, right? If not, I've 5 Literal LOLs here to help you out. Wanna see? 

  1. This gif is seriously hilarious on it's own merit but thinking of it in the context of my Sis and her Mother in Law every time the bill arrives and I can't stop laughing. 
  2. We celebrated Paddy's Day in Ireland at the weekend but not everyone was in a jovial mood. This picture, title 'Ye Little Bollix' almost did me an injury in work when I saw the Gard's face. Seriously. Look. At. Him. 
  3. I've mentioned my grá with moments of sheer comment genius on Reddit before but perusing one post titled 'What Sexual Fantasy Have You Acted Out and Still Regret?' This comment hit me like a slap with a wet fish. Even thinking about it now I can't help but laugh. 
  4. I'm a big movie fan, obvs, but this new blog that's replaced guns with thumbs is sheer genius. 
  5. Finally, check out this dude's MAD SKILLZ, how does he do it?! Hilar!

So? LOLs? Haz you got 'em? Let me know what's been tickling your funny bone this week too, ja?

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Unknown said...

Hahahaha guns and ammo is hilarious! It's such a great find!


Anonymous said...

Naked twister lol!!

S said...

That Paddy's Day pic is hilarious! I haven't seen any funny pics or gifs around but the comments on this had me crying laughing: