Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things the Rustle my Jimmies

I have to start by saying a whopping thanks to every single one of you lovely people that not only take the time to share your rants here but to tweet, facebook and email too to say this post is the highlight of their week. 

I know a little own horn trumpeting like that is a Jimmie Rustler in itself to some but truly, Thanks. Now, enough with the niceties, here's what's causing a rustle this week:

                                                                      *Puts on scowl*

1. People continuing to walk three abreast on footpaths when approaching other people

 photo tumblr_inline_mq3b887RzX1qz4rgp_zps31393f61.gif

2. Doctors' Secretaries

 photo tumblr_m6te9rc2m71rys4czo5_400_zps6be69aea.gif

3. Random Colleagues with 
oblivious to the damage they do

 photo tumblr_mpdoo0nhsm1sp9fcho1_400_zps26c911fb.gif

4. People who rev at zebra crossings

 photo tumblr_m4vjuwJG2Q1qj3ir1_zps8e58d63e.gif

5. People that insist on beeping outside a house instead of knocking OR EVEN TEXTING!!

 photo tumblr_inline_mijxusdXVO1rzxty3_zpsac70a64b.gif

Man, that feels so gooood!

Come join me in the revelry, release your inner most rants in the comments - it genuinely alleviates the urge to poke some people in the eye - with a fork. 


haldiramdistributor said...

Really a right thought..thanks for sharing us.

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B said...

I totally agree with you Sue, look forward to this post every week, it's brilliant!

S said...

Not having cake. The acronym FML. Misuse of apostrophes. Stupid man riging me looking for "Paul" and not believing me when I told him there's no Paul here. Oh, and School holidays are TOO DAMN LONG IN THIS COUNTRY.

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks B! :D x

Sue Jordan said...

Hahaha Shar, yep, yep, yep, YEP!!