Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's Moments: 26th August 2013

I'm going to start right out by saying that if you're reading from the UK then I couldn't be more jealous of you right now. Yes, we've already had ours, no that's no consolation - on the off chance that you've any Monday Blues left to chase away be sure to tell me how you're managing in the comments. 

As for Moi, these Moments are working just fine....

1. A Surprise Blackberry Bonus

What's better than getting hold of one of your all time favourite beauty products? Eh, getting hold of one that you've already paid for, that's what!

I was thrilled to find an Avon bag stashed away in my swim bag in my Mam's, inside the elusive Blackberry Super Shock Liner. Not only have my two been used to nubs but Avon have left us high and dry so I had no way to replace it. This was the back up I'd forgotten about and it pretty much made my week!

2. Slave to the Beeps NO MORE!!

The word 'Quicker' has lost all meaning now, hasn't it?
I have no doubt that I'm not alone in HATING the beeps on the fridge or freezer door to warn you that it's been left open ajar. Thing is, it's almost impossible to do that so they serve only to harass you to the point of break down while trying to make the dinner or stock the fridge. 

We've had this fridge for 3 years now and in that time I've been reduced to screaming 'I'M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN' to the 6ft rectangle of inanimate metal but this week I found out something pretty mindblowing. Hitting the button on the door stops the alarm. IT STOPS THE ALARM, PEOPLE! I feel a mixture of elation and stupidity. Neither more than the other. 

3. New Addiction Alert!

I've made no secret of my grá for goats cheese. I can't get enough of it and tell people, often. One such conversation happened while I was having eats with the lovely Andreea from last week and she let me in on a little something incredible. Aldi Goat's Cheese. 

It's only €1.25, it's in Aldi, IT'S PHENOMENAL. Go forth with this information and do as you will. Try to get there before me though as I fully intend to buy every blahhdy pack of the stuff having tried inhaled a roll in one day this week. 

4. The Pride of Belfast

The benches outside are spaced to represent the final Morse Code sent from the ship!
I was a little unsure why a cruise liner that sank on it's first night at sea would be called 'The Pride' of anywhere but that doesn't take away from the wonder that is The Titanic Museum in Belfast. 

I took a trip up there with Mam's Stitch n' Bitch group on Thursday and was completely blown away by the back story (no Leonardos or French Girl paintings in sight). It's a permanent museum and 100% worth your time for a looksee. Check out my instagram feed for more pics from last week. 

5. A Moment to Top ALL MOMENTS

Moment five is one I've been looking forward to writing for almost a year now. Our Pops has officially finished radio therapy and is free from treatment!! 

It's been a long road and I don't think any of us have let it fully sink in yet but, for the record, my Dad's a serious bad ass. The whole situation has not only put everything into perspective for us but it's also made us realise just how lucky we are. I couldn't be more grateful and I certainly couldn't be prouder. The man's a bloody legend!

And that's them, the Moments that mean I'm not too depressed about missing out on a Bank Hollier. Tell me, what's wonderful and going on in your neck of the woods this week, eh? 


Felicity said...

Hey, Sue, Avon is available to buy online in the UK. - you can Parcel Motel it!

Unknown said...

woo great news for your pop :)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Delighted to hear that pops is finally in the clear :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome news about your Pops! :)

Unknown said...

Absolutely delight4ed about your Dad Sue. Wonderful news xo

Sue Jordan said...

Excellent point Felicity, that's EXACTLY what I'll do! x

Sue Jordan said...

Outstanding news :D :D

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks Dood, we're over the moon here :D

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks so much Birdy, it's a huge relief :D

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks a mill Em, can't begin to tell you how thrilled/relieved we all are xx

Unknown said...

Delighted your dad is getting well, loads of quality time and memories making from now on. Sometimes we can take things for granted.

I knew you loved the cheese, im bulk buying now...cant be bothered to go every day out for my log of happiness :).