Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What to Buy in the States: US Beauty Brands We Don't Have (*cries*)

Are you lucky enough to be heading Stateside? Wondering what you should be spending your hard earned dollits on? The USA really is the land of plenty when it comes to beauty products, so I thought a handy little heads up might help cut through some of the bewilderment and point out some gems when it comes to holiday buys. 

I've chosen a few brands that it's damn near impossible to get your mitts on in the UK and/or Ireland but if you have any to add to the list I'd love to hear 'em in the comments too, sharing is caring y'all...

The very lovely Fleur from FleurdeForce.com first alerted me to the gorgeousness that is the packaging on Physicians Formula bronzers and blushes. The entire range is peppered with gems, for as little as $11, as a first step into beautiful products, you should definitely check this brand out. You'll find it in Walgreen's, Ulta and most large drug stores. 

My first glimpse of cruelty free cosmetic brand Tarte came courtesy of Estée of EssieButton.com, her haul videos from home (her home, Canada) always leave me yearning for some (ALL) of Tarte's products. The cult favourite and multi award winning Amazonian Clay blushes will set you back around $25 but you just need to check out their reviews to make you wibbly with want. You'll find Tarte in Sephora, Ulta and most large department stores. 

The state side equivalent to our MUA, Wet n' Wild does budget beauty brilliantly. Classing itself as 'All Access Beauty', there's guaranteed to be something to catch your eye. Be sure to check out their Color Icon shadows that are causing a stir in the online community and try very hard not to buy a bajillion nail polishes for next to nathin' (not that I'd judge you for that). Again Wet n'Wild is widely available, drug stores being your best bet. 

Yep, I'm well aware that we have Maybelline on our shores but are we as spoiled for choice as our American sisters? Hells no! Be sure to check out mascaras, limited edition Color Tattoos and the full complement of Baby Lips when perusing the aisles of drug stores and supermarkets. You're guaranteed to spot something we just don't have and who doesn't want that? You're also pretty much guaranteed that it'll be a damn site cheaper too. 

While we're on the subject of cost, no US trip would be complete without a quick calculation of just how much you can save on brands that we do have. The likes of Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Benefit will cost decidedly less than here (mostly because we're woefully ripped off price wise) so now's the time to stock up on firm favourites. 

Tell me, have you been shopping Stateside or are you heading that way soon (you lucky sucker)? I'd love to hear what you've been buying and of course what you plan on picking up. 

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