Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Psst Irish Tatler are Hosting L'Occitane Reader's Events!

When people I know, in real life, find out I'm a beauty blogger the first question is always the same 'What's your number one beauty buy then?'. My look of bewilderment because they don't fully understand that they've just asked me to make Sophie's Choice never goes down well. 

If we're talking favourite brands though, L'Occitane is right up there battling away in the top three. I have never, like ever, been disappointed or let down by a product I've bought in these sunshine yellow shops and that's an incredible feat for such a large company. 

When I read that there was a reader event in association with Irish Tatler coming up I leapt at the chance to snag several tickets and this is a heads up so you can do exactly the same thing. 

Typical reader's luxury goody bag (products might and probably will vary)
The events are being held the length and breath of the country over two days, the 10th and 11th September, so there's ample opportunity for everyone to get a slice of French beauty heaven. There'll be a sneak peek at the new L'Occitane Divine Skincare collection on the evening but that's not all...

There'll be drinks & nibbles, mini facials, mini manicures and a luxury goody bag of L'Occitane gorgeousness with a retail value of €55! Let's not forget there's a 15% discount throughout the stores on the night too (I'll be using it to stock up on Cherry Blossom EVERYTHING).

You can find locations, times and tickets here or by calling 0818 333231 but my advice is to hop to it, at just €10 each I've no doubt they'll be sold out lickity split. 

(By the by, this is an ideal opportunity
for beauty bloggers that might want
to review some L'Occitane products. 
I'm pretty certain you'll love 'em!)


Unknown said...

Amazing!! Defo looking into this today x

Unknown said...

I've just bought a ticket for the first night! Can't wait, it sounds fabulous.

Sue Jordan said...

Do Avril, I'm really looking forward to it x

Sue Jordan said...

Excellent Ciara! I'm trying my best to set sheckles aside for buying :D

Rafaela said...

Yay! I'll arrive on Dublin September 9th but I am not missing this! Already bought it! Thank you for the info!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love L'Occitane, going to see if I can make one of the dates x