Thursday, August 15, 2013

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

It's almost the weekend, we've been promised that the heat is to return and it's pay day - you'd think my Jimmies would remain relatively unrustled this week, right? RIGHT? Wrong. 

1. Avoiding the Doctor because of the fees and ending up spending a FORTUNE on the prescription because of it. 

 photo tumblr_inline_mmrrlp9nt41qz4rgp_zpsd3028ecc.gif

2. Websites that use viral videos as click bait with 
ZERO original content

 photo 46c_zpsa92ebf8c.gif

3. People in fast food restaurants walking away from a table full of their own trash!

 photo tumblr_inline_mirgy4Xsss1qz4rgp_zps33c09ea0.gif

4. 'My Little Princess' Codology

 photo tumblr_mme3jcubBh1spqd9ko1_500_zpsf6987de9.gif

5. SEO mails: 'Dear Cherry, do you want to know why no one reads your blog?'

 photo tumblr_m94fa85IRo1qjrvvx_zpscfe2403f.gif

And that's them, my proverbial Kraken released for the week. You know the drill by now, pull up a pew and let loose with what's been rustling your Jimmies, yer at yer Aunties...


Happy Bubble Gal said...

People leaving their rubbish all over the tables in food courts and stuff really annoys me, especialyl when they've kiddies with them.
It takes 2 SECONDS to put it in the bin!!!
Lead by example people!!! grrr

Also gangs of teenagers walking in town and not giving you an inch to walk past/through o nthe footpath..
Why should I throw myself out on the road because 10 of ye HAVE to walk side by side on the footpath!!!! have a lil cop on and respect

Unknown said...

Haha I get those SEO emails all the time, the first time I was like "WHAT" hahaha bleedin spam!

Susan said...

I eagerly await this post every week! It truly makes my week so funny and honest! x

Anonymous said...

Nope, I've Googled it, and I can't work out what "'My Little Princess' Codology" is. Explain?

Unknown said...

Love these posts Sue! :)