Thursday, 8 August 2013

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

You'd think with this having been a short week that Jimmies would have remained relatively unrustled... You'd think, right? 

1. Pretentious movie snobs:
 'Oh you just didn't GET it'

 photo tumblr_inline_mg48668J4I1qb3v7r_zps62aeb439.gif

2. 'I know you're on a half day but 
could you do a lunch meeting?'

 photo tumblr_m8iwlnoRpi1qbzrcg_zpsfb7f4b6b.gif

3. Kids playing gick music from gick phones 
on the bus. Loudly. 

 photo tumblr_mivlz1aPjH1qcga5ro1_500_zpsc0af46de.gif

4. Slurpers. 

 photo tumblr_lnrg0p1q651qi4w9o_zps1ffecb23.gif

5. Being asked for my account information when I'VE ALREADY KEYED IN INTO THE KEYPAD!!

 photo tumblr_mk1fb9EA5X1rht5kwo1_400_zps2002d282.gif

I can't be alone in ANY of those, you know the drill by now - you're in a safe place - let rip!

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