Tuesday, 25 September 2012

For Who's Benefit? Benefit Cosmetics Recent Campaigns Falling Foul of Fans

This eCard popped up on my Facebook feed last night and I felt the need to share. Not in a 'Let's all roll round the floors' kind of way, in a 'What the actual eff?!' way. It would seem that Benefit Cosmetics (California), in the latest of their marketing campaigns, have chosen to throw off the shackles of make up marketing altogether and appeal to... Well appeal to who exactly? Because I can't see a market for these cards that ties in with the brand, try as I might. Now don't get me wrong, I love Benefit, their make up, their packaging and their way with brows but not so much their choices in advertising strategies of late. 

Within minutes of that eCard being posted by Benefit with the link to the rest of the 'witty' cards, and the suggestion to be 'Coy and Lady Like' but 'Laugh Your Face Off', their Facebook post pretty much blew up with bad reaction from Fans the world over. 'Wow', 'Classy, Not', 'WTF' were just some of the comments, with several commenters asking if Benefit thought this an 'appropriate' post. The answer was clearly no as it was deleted within minutes and not spoken of again. 

This Facebook stuff up comes hot on the heels of a video released by the brands head office this week that's come under fire from all angles for the use of what's seen as tantamount bullying and harrassment in the name of humour. Check it out below but also check out the viewers' reaction in the comments:

Of course Irish readers will know that there was a similar incident much closer to home this past month. Benefit Cosmetics Ireland hired comedian Katherine Lynch to perform a funny, tongue in cheek promotion  called 'Funny Fannies' that seemed to backfire also. The comments on that video have now been disabled but a quick look at the associated Beaut.ie post will let you gauge reaction. 

The mission statement for Benefit is, as all beauty junkies know, 'Laughter is the best cosmetic... so grin and wear it!' but I'm just finding it very hard at the moment to find these recent campaigns funny, not in the slightest. Surely we should be laughing with each other not at others. 

Tell me, am I being an aul one? Do I need to lighten up? Am I being too picky believing that the campaigns should actually have something to do with the make up that the brand are selling? Or are these recent attempts at humourous marketing so painfully far from the mark of humour that it literally isn't funny? 

I'd love to know what you think...

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