Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday's Moments - 17/09

How do Monday, we meet again. It's been a busy one alright, at home, work and in the blogosphere so there's been plenty of moments to choose from and that's just how I like it. Let's see what made the top 5, shall we?

1.On Rainbow Nine 

When out and about on site visits last week I saw something that I never knew existed before. Something that brightened my day just by catching a couple of glimpses.

It was a , a rainbow cloud. I'm just raging I was haring down the M1 at the time so I couldn't catch a snap. Have you ever seen one?

2.Room With a View

This is pretty close to my new view...
Our offices, like many offices, have been going through changes. Consolidating and sharing services so there's been a lot of movement.

One upside of changes is the opportunity for a spanky new desk and I lept on it this week. Bagged myself a window seat with a view of about 3 trees in a courtyard, It's not much but in comparison to the cave I was in, it's bliss.

3.Closing the Loop

If you saw my Movie Fest reviews on Friday you'll know that Looper was one of the best movies of both days. My only issue really was plotholes, which I mentioned in the review.

On Saturday evening, however, I got a tweet from the Looper twitter account, asking which plotholes bugged me, which in itself is fantastic. Turns out though that the account is run by Rian Johnson, the films writer & director! We proceeded to have tweet sized chats about my niggles and he cleared them right up. Explained for example that one pothole I saw, that he'd originally written a scene to cover it but it didn't make the final cut. How awesome is that? Only on Twitter.

4.Meta Mondays

I'd a mail this week from a reader (Hi, Wendy!) that gave me a little kick.

She was saying that she loved Mondays Moments and reads them religiously every week. In the back and forth it turns out that she googles the term Mondays Moments to find me and I'm numero uno in the rankings! It's just a little thing but it tickles me nonetheless.

5.The Downton Return

Well? Did you watch it? Did you? were you as besotted with the style as I was? As tickled by the Dowager's razor sharp tongue? Tom's defiant Republicanism at the Downton dinner table?

I loved every minute of Downtons return and even if it truly means that summer is over, I'm thrilled to have it back!

Tell me, what's been happening in your neck of the woods this week? I'd love to know...


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ooh what a purty photo of the rainbow cloud, I only saw a double rainbow in my neck of the woods.

Oh I drank up every minute of Downton, I loved the jolly hair, the clothes, the surroundings, everything! Snuggled up on the couch on a Sunday evening just got better :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the Downtown Abbey! And missed your Mondayness 'till I could get on a computer tonight...