Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday's Moments - 10/09

Eep, apologies for a later than billed post but Casa Cherry were both square eyed and numb bummed from another brilliant weekend at Movie Fest. It was a fitting end to a week chock full of movie madness but there were some other excellent moments along the way - wanna hear 'em?

1. One Man's Trash...

About a fortnight ago the lads came home from their Grandparent's with a large box of Milk Tray tucked under their oxter. I figure their Nan, in her wisdom, didn't trust herself around all the chocolatey goodness so gave it to a good home. Normally I'd be in heaven but I've been trying to cut out down on sugars so let the boys at it. 

With a will of steel I put them right out of my mind until I knew it was safe. On Wednesday gone I saw the eldest lift the lid and close it again sighing. 'Are there none left?' I asked, 'Only disgusting ones' sez he. I'd just made a cup of cha so had to look. The 'disgusting' ones are all my favourites! Will of steel momentarily forgotten, they were delish. Waste not, want not, wha?

2. Driving with Drive

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the eldest bought this beauty for me with the change from his iTunes voucher. To me it's one of the best soundtracks of the past ten years, or of ever. It's retro synth and electro beats and is nothing like you've heard before. 

Its addition to my ipod has made walking Diesel an absolute pleasure. This week I had the crazy notion to transfer it to CD for the mo mo because I had several site visits to sort out. Best decision of the week by far. If you haven't heard it, I'd urge you to check it out.

3. Fright of Mah Life

Of all those site visits I had lined up, one was a pretty important meeting that I've been trying to schedule for over 6 weeks now. I was all set from the day before. Notes ready, reports collated and alarm clock set for 7am. 

I woke up with a jump on Thursday morning, looked at my watch and it was 8.50! I was meant to be there at 9. I barrelled down the stairs, was scraping my hair back when I checked my phone for missed calls or messages. The clock said 6.53am. In to the PC, the clock said the same. Looked back at my watch and the dial had been pulled out. The eldest arrived at the top of the stairs, bleary eyed and scratching his head and said 'Everything alright?', if it was 9am, he'd be gone. 'Eh, it is now'. It was both the fright and the relief of the week but it's not a way I'd recommend you start your day. 

4. How Did YOU Get There?
Sometimes you can be very lucky without even realising it. I had one such moment last week. Heading into the loos in the office after a lunch time stroll, I was checking my pocket for my phone. It wasn't there so I just assumed it was in my bag back in the desk drawer. 

It was only when I was washing my hands that I noticed something flashing in the mirror. Some poor unfortunate had dropped their phone on the toilet floor and it was ringing. When I picked it up, the display said 'Agnes' (My Sis' nickname) Nooooo. I answered the call and yep, it was her. I must have dropped the shaggin' thing 40 minutes earlier. What are the chances that I'd be the one to find it without ever realising it was missing? Blessed. 

5. A New Beaut.ieful Home

Another hugely exciting development this week, that I can now officially tell you about, is that I've joined the wonderful team at as a beauty writer. If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you'll know that I reference them often and have been a fan for a very long time. 

They're the number one beauty/lifestyle blog in the country, holding their own against European counterparts and even giving Temptalia herself a run for her money. I'm ridiculously excited to be part of the buzz and to be working with some of the loveliest girls in the business. Do please keep an eye out for my Beaut musings and let me know what you think. 

And that's me for another week, it's been an eventful one. Have you anything wonderful going on at the minute that you'd like to share? 


Makeup Over Mind said...

Ooh some of my own milk tray favourites too which I'm now craving! Congrats on your news - no better woman! I look forward to reading your pieces!:)

S said...

Monday wouldn't be Monday without these, I love them. Congrats on all the things, especially the one - I love the site anyway but I always love it a little bit more when a favourite person joins. Serious luck with the phone!! x

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Am so delighted for you that you're finally writing for :) I expected nowt less from ya :)

Feckin lucky with the phone eh?! Re the choclits, this always happened to me and dad back in the day. We always loved the ones that the rest of them didn't so we used to fight over the Coffee Creams from the Roses :)

Siún said...

Love the Monday moments, was concerned when it wasn't around earlier! Just downloaded the Drive soundtrack, it is something special. Very glad to Be seeing your brilliant writing on too x