Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Introducing Pixy Softening Body Oil - A Natural Saviour for Dry Skin

I'm a recent convert to body and beauty oils but you'd have to be living under a rather large rock not to have noticed the surge in popularity that they've been having in the beauty world of late. It's not always easy to find a natural oil that can be trusted on all skin types though, from dry & flakey- Reptaresque to oily skin in need of some comfort, Pixy Body Softening Oil has you covered. 

Promising to not only nurture but also to nourish the skin, Pixy Softening Body Oil is chock full of natural oils and goodness such as softening Jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, apricot oil, and borage seed oil (just to note that Borage seed oil is actually used to ready the body for labour and delivery so this oil wouldn't be recommended for pregnant ladies). 

The scent is beautifully floral with both jasmine and magnolia, coupled with the soft, non greasy feeling on the skin, Body Softening Oil is a must try for those suffering with eczema or dry skin conditions.

While recommended for bodily use only, I have this little beauty propped on my desk for use on my hands & arms and for massaging into my cuticles. Everyone that's passed by has commented on the dinkyness of the bottle and the beautiful scent once I pop it open and give them a sniff. In hindsight, I should probably mark the level in the bottle, any office staff that steals 5 consecutive staplers are not to be trusted and I'm enjoying this new addition far too much to have it pilfered...

Pixy Softening Body Oil is €7.99 for 40ml from Pixy.ie.

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