Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday's Moments - 03/04

How do, Monday, we’re officially into September and it’s all systems go. Schools are back, which means the sun is inevitably splitting the stones – Mother Nature playing a cruel trick on School Kids everywhere but it’s great to see. This week has been another hectic one, with events, fashion shows (Ooh la la) and manic work.

There have been highs & lows, the highest probably being booking our Christmas Market break to Prague for Dec and the lowest, going for a dicky dive in a management meeting on Friday. I’m still stiff as a board, black & blue and mortified, HOWEVER there’s always Monday’s Moments to cheer us up, right?

1.Exqueeze Me?


There’s never a shortage of invites to events and launches here at Casa Cherry and for that I’m hugely grateful, every time an email or card arrives I get a little giddy. The day that feeling changes will be a sad day indeed. This particular e-vite though has caused me more mirth than all of the rest combined.

It started out beautifully, gorgeous pictures, a glimpse of a very exciting fragrance and went on to say ‘We’d love if you could join us; of course there’ll be nipples and refreshments available’. Hang on, WHA?! The word was just snuggled in there as if part of a normal schmancy invite. A colleague stood up to see what the ruckus was as I barked like a seal. I had to shoot off a reply ‘I’d love to join you but please note, I go bare breasted for no brand’. In fairness, she’s one of the loveliest PRs around and saw the hilarious side. How we laughed.

2. A Momma Scorned

The Best Goose of All 

While out with the eldest last week to catch a film, we decided on an ice cream for the journey home. We trotted into the local McDonalds where there was a group of teenage girls sat by the door. When we walked past they elbowed each other nodding at him and giggling. I know I’m biased but I don’t call ‘em Gorgebags for nothing.

When we got to the counter I said ‘They’re totally checking you out’, ‘Can you blame them?’ says he, smiling. Ice creams in hand on our way out I whispered, ‘They probably think I’m your girlfriend’. He turns to face me and says ‘I’m waaay out of your league’. As we approached the girls, staring at us, I said absolutely nothing but goosed him right on the bum cheek. The girls erupted in squeals and he went PEAUCE. Don’t mess with yo Momma, Chil’.

3. A Little Bit Delighted with Liz

It’s always lovely to hear from a brand or business that they appreciate your work. Normally the PR will get in touch and let you know & that’s a really nice touch. I had a DM from the gorgeous Mags of Emerald Eyeliner fame whose friend works in Liz Earle.

Apparently the entire company is sent a circulation of their coverage in the press, which includes a blog post. Lo and behold last week it was mine that was chosen for circulation. I know it’s a little thing in the grand scheme but it’s definitely a little boost to know that what you’re doing is appreciated. Rock on, Liz.

4.Do Drop By

As I mentioned in number one up there, there’s never a shortage of calendar fillers and excitement happening round these parts. While that one was one of the funniest, this one was the one that made me sigh.

‘Drop by any time’, it reads, ‘We’d love to see you’. Ehm, I’d be thrilled to drop by – as soon as time travel is invented I’ll totally be spending my afternoons in Midtown lofts for bloggy events. Even if there aren't nipples on offer.

5. Caught Being a Weirdo

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to head along to the AWear A/W 2012 fashion show, thanks to Karen of the Lovely Girly Bits. We aimed to be in town at the same time so we would arrive together. I got a text as I parked to say she was on the opposite street so once I was on the bridge I text her back to tell let her know where I was.

Just as the text sent, I spotted her at the traffic lights on the opposite side. Thinking it’d be hilarious, I hid behind the huge potted fern, chuckling like Beavis and/or Butthead and waited for her to get the text and look around. Cue very strange looks from passers by, I saw her get the message but continue on. What the?! I had to stand out shame face & call her. Did she care? Nope, but for a trollololol. She may never be forgiven.

Tell me, have you had any happy haps this week? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Bwhahaha I didn't see your textual message until after you'd roared at me like a lunatic hehe I was being all Joey Tribbiani and was trying to get in the map and find out where we were going and also not fall, that was crucial ;)

Another great week in Casa Cherry, can I come to New York with you for your evint??

Unknown said...

Ahh brill week
Loved the nipples email

Breige said...

Bahahaha, laughing so much at that ice cream incident!