Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream - A Natural Saviour

I've been eeking out the last of my most recent tube of all round wonder Cicaplast Baume B5 so when Human + Kind's Family Remedy Cream dropped on the mat of Casa Cherry last week I was delighted. You only need to put 'Natural' in the search bar over there --> to see my fondness for natural products so I knew this tube and I were going to get along. 

Having never tried anything from the Human + Kind brand before but read oodles about them online, this Family Remedy seems to be the perfect introduction for us. With 96.2% natural and 3.8% naturally derived ingredients it promises to cater for every skin ailment and issue. 

Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream - €22.95

Being the nose bag that I am, I had to take a look at the all natural ingredients used to make a Family Cream such as this, listed on the pack we have Organic coconut oil, shea butter, centella, calendula, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, white lily, chickweed, birch extract, tea tree leaf oil, horsetail extract, marshmallow, olive leaf extract, broccoli extract and aloe vera. But even more heartening, you'll find full details of all ingredients online. All of the background information is transparent and clear, just how I like my natural products. 

So is it any use? In a word 'Absofeckinlutely'. I've used this cream several times over the past week. 

  • On a burn on my wrist from the iron (I'm such a martyr)
  • A nasty graze on the youngest's forearm (Usual Evil Kenevil antics)
  • A raised blemish on the eldest's neck (Teenage woes)
  • On my ankles that were rubbed raw from new shoes (I love 'em anyway)
Each and every time Family Cream (aptly named btw) has worked a treat. It has the scent of tea tree and feels more like a cooling balm than a cream but it does exactly what it says on the green & purple tube. 

You'll find many more uses for Family Cream (& Stockists info) on the Human + Kind site but for Casa Cherry's uses, it's a great all rounder. 

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