Friday, February 21, 2014

The Friday Chattery

Morning All & welcome back , Friday!!

Any cracking plans for the weekend? I'm off to a cousin's Wedding Show on Saturday and then the LoveBox Wedding Festival on Sunday in the Clarendon & Liquor Rooms - NO, I don't have news... hope it's not catching!

Lemme know ladies AND gents - what are your plans for the two day vacay? 

Let's Chat!

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Breedao said...

Morning - beautiful sunrise this morning :) no big plans - local is having a shave or dye evint tonight so we'll probably show our faces

Unknown said...

Jaysus Breeda, its nearly 11 and I honestly thought that said shave our faces. either I need to wake up or wipe my screen.

No plans this weekend. today though I have to sort out someones channels on their telly and then just do a spritz of the place. most of my stuff will be going up on adverts, with the typical kids stuff going to the childrens hospital.

Other then that playing with my nowtv box now i managed to put some other channels on it ;)

hope you all have a good weekend as well. Cherry sue hope you dont work too hard today being back in on the friday ;)

Breedao said...

@david - well we women do get hair in unexpected places as we get older but I'm not at the stage of needing a razor - yet :)

Sandy Beach said...

David, Do the hospitals take used toys, etc? I know my friend was clearing out this week.