Monday, February 03, 2014

The Monday Chattery

Hello and Happy Monday! 

How was everyone's weekend then? Anything wonderful happen. 

The Winner of our €20 Voucher for last week was Felicity Scott, I think we can all agree she went above and beyond to help out. Congrats Felicity!

There's another €20 up for grabs this week too so please don't be too shy to get involved, whether asking a question or answering.

So on to this week - have you a beauty dilemma or need some background info on a product that I might be able to help with? You know what to do. 

Let's get our Chat on!


Felicity said...

Oh, wow, thank you Sue! That's just what I needed today. I'm off to the hospideal today for the quacks to do something obscenely biological to me. I have to step away from the puter! Don't know how I'll cope (although given I've necked 4 cups of coffe since half five, I think the lack of caffeine may be more of a problem)

Unknown said...

Hello! I was in Chinatown Bangkok to celebrate Chinese New Year AND to join the current on-going anti-government protest. :D It was jam packed with people. And the mood was festive. Food there were greeeeaaatttt!!! :)

Breedao said...

Morning - we weeenin Waterford for the weekend - had a mini dermabrasion on the too top of the steps leading down to Bunmahon beach - the wind was whipping the sand into our - place must be amazing in the summer - just finishing off my brekkie in bed provided by my lovely husband and then up (day off)

Breedao said...

*were in* even 😳 in beauty related news I bought Naked 3 on Thursday and it is fabulous - I have to bring it into work tomorrow for one of the young ones to drool over!

Karen Hayes said...

what a beautiful name, Felicity Scott, isn't it? sounds like you should be an actress or maybe an author, fab name

Felicity said...

Hi Karen, thank you! When I was a kid I hated it - in New Zealand I was bullied incessantly about it, and in Norn Iron no one could pronounce it. When I was very little, I thought my name was 'Felicity F E L I C I T Y' because my parents were so used to the glazed stare and 'Em, how do you SPELL that'. I was named after a wee girl my mother was governess for back in the early 50s. Her sister's name was Camilla, so it could have been worse, wha? But I grew into my name too, and now I'm used to it.