Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express - Two Sides of a Two Sided Brush (Collab Post with Chloe from Very Lovely Stuff )

We've summat a little different today. Maybelline's new Big Eyes Volum' Express is new to shelves here on the Emerald Isle but the the very lovely Chloe from the aptly named Very Lovely Stuff has had her mitts on it for longer, having picked it up in Germany. 

Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express: Two Brushes: One Aim = HUGE lashes

When Chloe commented on a post of mine I knew we had to give Maybelline the twice over in the interest of fairness and here's how we got on, respectively: Take it away Chloe: 

After seeing Sue upload a photo of Maybelline's Big EyesVolum Express mascara to Facebook, I had to comment about how it just hadn't worked for me. Sue being the brilliant blogger that she is, quickly had the idea of doing a double post for this double ended mascara! So that's why I'm here today, to explain just why Big Eyes just isn't getting big love over here.

Now, seeing as I picked it up in Germany, I wasn't 100% sure what this mascara was promising me, but all I ever want are big eyes, & big lashes. I'm a girl after volume, & lots of it. But this just did not deliver. I felt it went more for length (which is grand, if that's what you want) & not the 360 degree volume it claims. Basically, it did extend my non existent lashes out a bit, but after about 10 minutes, they drooped & behind my glasses, it just looked like I'd accidentally put eyeliner on my lashes instead of mascara.

The bottom lash mascara however, I did quite like. That was one of the reasons it caught my eye in the first place – I figured €8.99 for a dual mascara was a lot better than forking out for one specifically for bottom lashes. It did the job, & gave much more definition under my eyes, but I wouldn't repurchase just for that alone.

Normally, I don't like to waste. But ever since first trying it, Big Eyes has stayed at the bottom of my stash until I took the photos for this post. Put it this way: If this mascara was my date, it didn't make me want to climb out a window. But it didn't make me snapchat my friends exclaiming “THE ONE!” either. I'm shocked because I usually love Maybelline mascaras, but it's very much a 'meh' response from me & my unvolumised lashes.  

Now for my side of the scéal: 

Very much like Chloe, I'm a big fan of Maybelline mascaras and am a firm believer that they're consistently one of the best high street brands when it comes to lash batters. I spied Big Eyes Volum' Express on Boots shelves before my press sample arrived and picked it up immediately, such is my make up illness. 

It's not often that I like a mascara formulation straight from the tube as with a lot of volumising editions they'll need a day or two to plump up/dry out in tube in my experience. 

I really liked this idea of a two brush approach though with lower lashes specifically catered for with a dinky brush but will readily admit that more often than not, just as I do with USBs, I get it wrong the first time, every time and end up with the brush in my left hand. It's not a big jimmie rustler, just a little niggle. 

While I don't agree with the Maybelline tagline for Big Eyes 'The New Falsies', it's really not, I genuinely like this two step approach with it's separating and volumising formula. I applied just one coat top and bottom in zig zag fashion (results above) and that lasted me the entire day with zero clumping or fall out. That's a win for me. 

The post that started the trouble! 

Granted Big Eyes Volum' Express isn't the most volumising or plumping mascara you can get for its price (€11.99/€8.99 right now) but it is the one I've been reaching for absent mindedly for about two weeks now. For me, that's big. I agree with Chloe with regard to glasses though, I'm lucky enough not to have to wear 'em but if I were heading to a 3D movie, I can see how Big Eyes would give me issues. 

Tell us, have you tried Big Eyes? Which side are you on with your verdict? We'd love to hear. Is there an upcoming product that you'd like to throw in your tuppence on? Well send me on a mail so & we'll see if we can collab. I love to see two sides to each story, 'One Gal's trash' an' all that - it's very helpful to those of us trying to save a few sheckles too. 

Do please take a moment to pop over to Very Lovely Stuff and check out Chloe's work, she's a gorgeous Gal and I don't say that lightly. Thanks again C! 


Felicity said...

Sue, I love how honest and fair you are! It's a great resource we have, here in Ireland, that we have bloggers who don't just reword the PR blurb. Now, I'm not going to run out and purchase this I'm afraid as I'm currently working Miss Manga for every day and Cils d'Enfer for Sunday best - but I really appreciate you both taking the time to give an honest opinion! LOVES YA!

Makeup Monster said...

Looks good may give it a go!

LoNiCho said...

I bought it and binned it. It looked great initially but at the end of very important meeting my boss pointed out I had lots of black dots under my eyes. Flake central. Tried it another couple of days but each time It made a mess of my face. Disaster.

Chloe said...

Thanks for the opportunity Sue! Have neglected my poor blog as of late, need to hop back there! x