Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

I'm not gonna lie, this week has been a tough one - what with apocalyptic weather, missing every single event and it being two days to Pay Day - I'm not a happy bunneh. 

That is why we're here though, right? To release the Kraken and restore the equilibrium.

Here's JUST five things that have rustled my Jimmies this week: 

1. Auto Tweets to tell you 47 People you Follow have 'Just Followed' Some Random Account

 photo post-9762-Morgan-Freeman-I-Don-t-Give-a-e2HD_zps5cb5932a.gif


 photo watoriginal_zpsa1b5acdf.gif

3. Toilet Seats Left up 

 photo why-tho_zpse69f78b3.gif

4. When People NEVER Reply to Comments 

on ANY of their 'Social' Platforms 

 photo tumblr_mc8s29aMRL1r5ogigo1_500_zps7c0ef6ba.gif

5. When Some of My Favourite Bloggers Don't Disclose Clearly Sponsored Posts

 photo kPvnJPv_zps2606eeb1.gif
And that's them, with a little shout out to one of my fave Dudes Dusty Hunter on #4 there, because I know, for a fact, that that irks him too.

Tell us, what's been keeping your jimmies a'rustle this week then?


Felicity said...

You know the lights at intersections that only go red when a pedestrian presses the button to cross? When a pedestrian presses the button without checking traffic, discovers there's no traffic, and crosses, leaving the LIGHTS TO GO RED FOR NO PEDESTRIANS. Ultimate in the rude! And I don't drive. It just rustles mah jimmies every time I see someone do it

Sharon Leavy said...

People. People are annoying me today. Some human beings are awful stupid. STUPID.

laura said...

Yet another awsome jimmy russler post!my own jimmies being russled by two individuals i share an office with who eavesdrop on my private conversations that have nothing to do with them,and then stick their oar in !! Grrrr. Seriously?
I agree with sue on bloggers not disclosing sponsored posts,really irritating and tarnishes credibility.
Phew! Feeling better already!

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

I have to stop reading these posts when I'm somewhere that I shouldn't be laughing out loud.

Robyn Morton said...

In the same vein as number 1. All those tweets that say x people followed me, y people unfollowed me or x people aren't following me back. Who gives a damn how many people aren't following you back, except you!

Sue Jordan said...

Haha ladies,

Chloe, that comment has made my day xx