Monday, 10 February 2014

January Faves 2014 ft WetnWild, Waxperts, L'Oreal, Sony, Bourjois, L'Occitane, Smashbox, Nails Inc & Origins

We have aaaalll the time in the weeeeerrrllld - oh crapolla, no we don't - it's ten days into February and you still don't know what was floating my goat in January. How have you slept at night with the mystery? Fear not, I'm here to share and restore the equilibrium of the internets. 

1. Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads - (€7.99 Here)

I'm not a big waxer, you don't need to know that about me but now you do but were I a big waxer, Waxperts are the brand I'd choose again and again. Beautiful brain box behind the brand, Ellen Kavanagh has just released a new product to help with ingrown hairs that can be a pain after the defuzzing practice but we've found a different use here in Casa Cherry. 

Look out for the Youngest Gorgebag's first appearance on site this week with his take on these salicylic, skin saving pads but they have truly made a difference to his sexy little visage. Gentle enough for use everyday but scrubby enough to degrub, he's been loving these double sided wonders. Ellen, you're a genius. 

2. Sony Portable Charger - (€19 incl delivery Here)

There's no greater daily Jimmie Rustler than the crapness that is a smart phone battery. Too often have I gone to a couple of events in a row with the battery dying by midday - it's a scourge. 

Battery makers are obvs in Illuminati cahoots with electricity companies so what can we do in the meantime? Pick up one of these bad boys. I had wanted the Juice Cube but at €32 I took to eBay and ordered myself this for less than twenty quid. I charge it while watching TV in the evenings and bring it with me when gallivanting. Now, it doesn't give me the 100% power it promises but it does give me 75 - 80% in just 30 mins discreetly and I honestly think the charge lasts longer. You can use any phone charging cable with it too so it's universal. Check 'em out!

3. Bourjois Violine Hypnotique - (£5.99 Here)

I could wax lyrical about this burgundy beaut ad infinitum but you really should check out my post here to see the true extent of my grá for this polish. Not only that but the minute I saw it on counters in Boots, I picked up 3 as gifts, now if that isn't a resounding recommendation from a nail polish addict then I just don't know what is. 

4. Origins Gloomaway - (Misc Here)

My post on Origins Gloomaway tells you everything you need to know about why this range is the softest citrus shower time treat I've ever fallen in love with. Juicy enough to get you up of a morning but comforting enough to use of an eve? You really must sniff this.  

5. L'Occitane Shea Butter Cuticle & Nail Nourishing Oil - (€14 Here

With 30% shea oil and a dinky brush applicator, I can't recommend this purpose designed cuitcle and nail nourishing oil enough. Subtly scented but immediately effective, you'll see a difference in both your cuticles and your nails within the week. A life saver for a constant polish changer like myself or a gorgeous gift for a nail biter you might know. 

6. Nails Inc Gel Effect Polishes - (€18.20 Here

Admittedly the guts of €20 is a little too many pence to be dropping on a polish, even for me. So I was a little Wile E Coyote and waited for the Feel Unique sale, bagging two bottles for €11 each. 

Truth be told if they can do this to my talons  with no topcoat and last a week while doing it? I'd actually pay a little bit more for the pleasure. (seriously though, wait for the sale or eBay these suckers)

7. L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Range - (Misc Here

I managed to get my grubby mitts on L'Oreal's Fibrology range at half price a couple of weeks back in Dunnes Stores and following a glowing review from InStyle mag I picked up a moxy load (technical term). 

At the official launch last week we learned the science behind why this beautifully scented, bouffant making range works. It's Filloxane, the same tech behind contact lenses apparently and it promises to give lasting thickness to your tresses. All I know is it did this to my grúaig and I've been complimented at least 29 times on both the scent and the texture since I started using it. It's genuine love. 

8. Wet n Wild Comfort Zone - (€6.49 Dunnes Stores Nationwide & some chemists)

Again with the Wet n Wild you say? Well have you tried Comfort Zone yet? €6.49 for excellent pigmentation, formulation and true to pan colours that last - see my swatches here - you just won't get that quality of shadow from another brand at that price. 

If you were to purchase just one thing from the new arrival, I'd make it this. If you were inclined to purchase more? I'd check out One_Two_Three_Shop on Instagram for a bajillion swatches first. 

9. Smashbox Full Exposure Palette - (€43 in Arnotts & Boots but LIMITED EDITION!)

Words can't express the love I have for this palette of both mattes and shimmers. It's like Davis Factor and his army reached inside my noggin, saw my dream palette and poof it's reality. 

€43 for a palette of this quality is ridiculously cheap in my honest opinion, there won't be a time of the year when you can't crack this baby out and go to town (or to the shops, or yanow mass). Designed to complement your eye shape be sure to check out Smashbox's purpose filmed tutorials to get the best from your palette and learn which look will suit you best. 

And that's them - My January Faves. What have you been loving this past month? Anything here tickle your pickle? 

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