Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Toosdy Chattery

Helllloooo Toosdy!

Monday wasn't too painful for all I take it? Though it did seem like the longest day in the history of the world. 

Tell me this, the horrific story of a young woman found dead in The Plaza Hotel in Tallaght was all over the news yesterday but in every report they used a picture taken from her Facebook page without permission. Is it just me or is that completely morose? 

I saw only recently on a site that shall remain nameless Creep of the Week, where the site pulls pictures from 'conventionally pretty' girls' Facebook pages and shares them with their substantial virtual audience. 

Where do you stand on this? Is everything in the public domain up for public use? 

Let's Chat!

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Breedao said...

Morning - the thing that struck me was that they were reporting that her Mother only found out when she got to the hotel and saw her daughter's car being towed - very sad

Felicity said...

I've got JOWLS! I have. Oh, DOG, when did that happen? Lift Activ has always done it for me and now we have failure to lift off. I saw a review of the new Origins cream over on Fluff and Fripperies and it looks like it might helps, but sweet baba J THE PRICE!!!

Re lifting photos off Facebook: it's not the nicest thing to do, and it annoys me that FB insist on your profile picture being public, but all other photos can be locked down so they can't be viewed publicly. This is why the DDs profile pic is a cat with an uzi. At the same time, sloppy journalism is becoming more prevalent in Ireland. Which is a topic for Thursday, really, in my case....

Hey, David, how's the Nugget going with the teeth?

Breedao said...

Thank all that's good and godly that this working day is over - t'was full of H&S - who knew that jumping over freight on a pallet system was dangerous????????? And not to be attempted? Obviously someone in another station didn't and now we have all this paperwork and signatures to be got -grrrrr - anyway dinner in the Mud's and off to Fiddler on the Roof with her ladies club :)

Sue Jordan said...

Felicity, I've a review of Plantscriptions coming up too, it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL but one of the tricks for use is to massage it in carefully and consistently. Any decent cream will do the same if you're giving yourself a facial each time. I love the stuff, honestly but don't think I'll be repurchasing.

Sue Jordan said...

I've just gotten off the phone with IRL werk and it has been confirmed (at 3pm the evening before) that I'm returning to the office tomorrow after 6 months off.
Help me Rhonda :(

Felicity said...

Luck of the Irish to ye, Sue! I'm sure it'll be grand

We'll all be thinking of you, with thumbs help and fingers crossed x

Unknown said...

Seems like there are going to be 2 new teeth soon. However nugget seems to be in grand form as anyone who knows me on fb can atest by watching the video of him laughing.

I am so tired today, was out at eddie rob yer pockets for lunch meeting up with an old work friend. came home to find the road blocked and the water meter people tearing up the road and then putting their shite all over the road. I dont mind that they are doing the job but they left it for me to park nowhere near my house at all. And I had to carry nugget past all the poxy concrete sawing. When cill was brought in I gave them a bollicking. There are old people in our estate too and I am not saying it should or shouldnt be done, I am just saying they shouldnt be blocking the road for what will be at least another 2 days * its 6pm and I am only in the door. cranky dave here :(

good luck in work 2moro. oh anyone in tesco spotting a yellor round sticker, just buy it ;)

Breedao said...

Well - I'm the spring chicken in the bus by about 25 years! :) party on!
@ Dave they haven't come our way - yet