Friday, February 28, 2014

Stalker - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

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What's it about?

Oliver, a huge homeless man, finds Tommy in an alley being bullied by two scumbags, so he gives one a bating and scares the other off. When Oliver witnesses how abusive Tommy's heroin addicted Mother is towards him and how downright messed up his dealer Uncle is, he vows revenge for what Tommy has gone through.

Any Good?

Stalker is crazy and INTENSE. There's the worst aspects of human behavior in it - child molestation, rape, slavery, murder, torture and addiction induced child abuse off the top of my head; it's truly the first REAL 18s film I've ever seen. But by god is it good. Oliver is a psycho against psychos, starting off the film as a good case for homeless people not all being addicts or dangerous but ends as a better case for stay the hell away!! 

John Connors as the schizophrenic Oliver's performance just grew with the film, from eh to fully involved. Barry Keoghan ( who was beside us, I didn't notice until Hasan pointed it out) as Tommy was excellent as well, but the show stealers were Peter Coonan as the complete nutjob uncle and Tommy's addict mother. Coonan freaked me out to the point of leaning over and saying 'Jeeeeezuz' at least four times to Hasan and Tommy's mother TERRIFIED ME with her screams and her finger-tip stinging slaps.  
I honestly can't say anymore without spoiling, but Stalker is a brilliant and terrifying Irish film; the best for me since Inside I'm Dancing. Seriously, go to see this before it's torn from the cinemas when people start causing trouble over it - it's completely worth the money and it's definitely going to be part of my movie collection as soon as available and you'll be helping a growing Irish film industry that is going from strength to strength. 


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Roses and Rockets said...

Sounds like a great movie, I love how you never spoil it but always give a really great review. Fantastic to see so many Irish movies coming out over the last few years.