Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Hump Day Chattery

Thank the Baby Jebus, we've reached midweek relatively unscathed. 

This week is Dine in Dublin, I've been trying to avoid all posts and temptation as I'm not paid till tomorrow but has anyone partaken so far? 

There's usually cracking deals to be had. 

Let's Chat! 


Felicity said...

I can feel my post facial glow fading rapidly this am. For about three years now, I have been helping someone out with dramatic, apocalyptic problem after another. I spent 4 hours on the phone with them yesterday and I got the call first thing this morning that something else has gone wrong and they need to see me right now. I was at the supermarket (as I hadn't been able to go the day before) and was snipped at for having a life! Would have saved this for the day of the rustled jimmies, but I needed to vent before this person arrives on the doorstep (which is soon). Yep, facial glow just gone.

Just so you know, I'm not normally this bitchy, I RAN OUT OF COFFEE THIS MORNING! DD got the last cup (she needed it more than me ;) )

Unknown said...

Havent had a chance to get in to try it out yet, was looking at that rome to mexico place, or is it mexico to rome. only problem is I am sure I would be in ribbons the next day, and until I gave my platelets.


couldnt go to see Ride Along last night and missed out on the non stop tix :( oh well. theres always another time

hope all are well here.


Unknown said...

Have you tried tne Tassimo machines? I didnt think I would be the one who looks after it, given the oh is american but its brilliant. pods are around 15stg for 40 drinks which is not bad, a nice decent cup and you can even get the flavoured ones. Caramel Latte is the current fave in this house.

Breedao said...

Morning all - looks like a beautiful day from inside the house but that wind is freezing - two loads of clothes out anyway in hope that there may be some drying - Felicity there's a pot of coffee on the go in mine if you fee the need :) also had someone like that in my life many years ago until the one time I needed her ......... Don't hear that much from her now

Breedao said...

Feckin nails are driving me crazy - keep breaking in a concave/convex - in a curve down my nail if that makes sense leaving me with two sharp edges so I always end up with an extremely short nail - any solutions??

Felicity said...

Thanks for all the virtual coffee guys! I did of course stick that in my basket FIRST this morning :D She's been and gone, but just now she phoned me because she lost a piece of paper. Firstly, how am I meant to know where she put it? Secondly, is that really something worth bothering someone else about? Oooh, I am bitchy today

Breeda, I feel your pain! Try a nice nail oil - Sally Hansen do one in a bright pink pen thing which is not too expensive. I also find a nice oval shape to the nails (not really pointy like Adele's mind!) is actually less prone to corner chipping than the squoval shape most people seem to favour these days.