Friday, February 07, 2014

The Friday Chattery

Friday, you sexy mother fupper!!

This week felt like it was the quickest in history, thankfully 
but certainly had some slower moments. 

Today being Flicks on Friday, I thought I'd ask opinion on something just to get the Chat rolling - Manhattan Police have arrested and charged three people accused of selling Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman heroin this week. 

My question is this, Hoffman was undoubtedly a superb actor but what do you make of these arrests? Is it just grandstanding by the American police department or were they right to pursue the dealers of a man, who was quite clearly an addict for a very long time. 

Drug addiction can be a contentious issue so do please have respect for other's opinions - I'd just genuinely like to know the consensus...

(And of course get our usual yammer on too)

Let's Chat! 

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Felicity said...

Addiction is a bit of a red button issue, all right, and I'm afraid I'm not overly sympathetic. Anyone busted with intent to supply should be charged with attempted murder. The end.

By the same token, no-one made Hoffman stick the first needle in his arm. Without customers, there'd be no market. There's more than enough mind-altering substances that are completely legal and freely available without funding terrorism and causing crime in your own neighbourhood.

Red rag? Call me full of Bull

Unknown said...

Right so if I insult anyone regarding this comment I apologise. The complete lack of sleep that I have had this week should hopefully protect me from any abuse ;)
Were the police over-reacting? yes, have they done this sort of thing before?, sure, but would they really give 2 shits about the poor person who is addicted that is on the street? no. The fact that he was an Award winner and addicted is the reason they are reacting the way they are. sorry thats just my 2 cents.

I mean are they going to arrest the bastard * sorry for the language * who made that fecking flappy bird game? no? because although there are people addicted to that its not the same.

Anyways I am off to dozal my 10 month old non sleeping soon. Pretty sure I could double as a walking dead extra today. and on todays 1c deals in tesco, its a power drill and a nike sports bag. Good luck trying to find it. ;)

Breedao said...

Morning on this beautiful sunny day! Re addiction - I would agree that dealers need to be dealt with - not sure I would go with attempted murder though - there has to be a degree of personal responsibility - it's a vicious circle - addicts need drugs - dealers need addicts :(

Clara said...

That's a tough one but I think dealers should be punished.

So glad it's Friday. Anyone any nice weekend plans? Mine are pretty much to relax!

Breedao said...

@Clara - my beloved is out tonight with former workmates so I have charge of the remote tonight :). I may have a glass of wine - I may even stay awake to finish it!!

shiv said...

Addicts are some of the most manipulating people you will ever deal with , someone in the depths of addiction are extremely vulnerable and dealers are aware of this , I'm sure since he has died many more addicts have died , are there dealers being as hotly persued prob not ! Sad suituation all round the man had a young family plenty of money yet he died alone on his bathroom floor , what were his friends n family doing to intervene ? Blame da dealers blame the drugs , but don't dare blame the people who stood by and done nothing !