Friday, 7 February 2014

The Friday Chattery

Friday, you sexy mother fupper!!

This week felt like it was the quickest in history, thankfully 
but certainly had some slower moments. 

Today being Flicks on Friday, I thought I'd ask opinion on something just to get the Chat rolling - Manhattan Police have arrested and charged three people accused of selling Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman heroin this week. 

My question is this, Hoffman was undoubtedly a superb actor but what do you make of these arrests? Is it just grandstanding by the American police department or were they right to pursue the dealers of a man, who was quite clearly an addict for a very long time. 

Drug addiction can be a contentious issue so do please have respect for other's opinions - I'd just genuinely like to know the consensus...

(And of course get our usual yammer on too)

Let's Chat! 

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