Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's Moments - 10/02/14

Is it just me, now correct me if I'm wrong but are we getting a bit of a stretch in the evening, hmmm? Are we? 

If that weren't enough to cheer me up of a Mundy, well I've come with 5 other Moments that'll do the trick just as well - ready? 

1. You Can't Keep a Good Daff Down

Now, isn't that a sight to behold? While legging it God knows where last week and cursing audibly at my keys to come out from hiding, who should I spot giving me a little wave but these perennial fellers. 

There's nowt quite like seeing your daffs spring to life once more to remind you that winter is leaving, sorry Ned Stark - don't lose your head or anything but we like Spring mornings 'round these parts. Welcome back, lads!

2. Lending a Paw

Inspired by Karen of the LovelyGirlieBits makeup storage vid this week, I decided it was high time that I sort out my own stash. It's been languishing (read bursting out of) a teensy Argos basket drawer doohickey for years now but himself has only gone and bought me my own swanky (WITH AN S) dresser! (be jellas, be very jellas). 

While I had the house to myself last week I decided I'd start to sort the endless masses - on my umpteenth trip up the stairs, who should I find only the nosiest of nosebags here - judging my every eyeshadow placement. I can do nothing right with this moggy, not. even. messing. (Fun Fact: she fell asleep in that exact position - my make up obvs doesn't thrill her as much as it does me. Wagon).

3. Barg Alert 

This snap is from my phone btw, I may have found THE PERFECT LIGHTING on my new dresser! *shoulder dances*

Speaking of sorting the stash, I was on the lookout this week for some brush storage for my little fiddly lip/eye fluffy numbers. With a surplus of time on my hands in the city centre, I did what is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do. I paid Old World New on Andrew St a visit. 

I think this little pot of dinky cuteness is meant to be a votive but at €1.98 each for high shine pineapple-eque gorgeousness? It was coming home with me (as did two others). Blahhdy love that siopa for quirky odds and ends. 

4. LOVING L'Occitane

I'm quite often lucky enough to meet a Brand Manager or Marketing Rep for some gorgeous products thanks to this here site and I don't think I'll ever stop being both humbled and grateful for that (especially since my bandy back can't take a lot of group events of late). But this week I had the chance to meet the Marketing Officer for a brand that I consistently rave about, mostly because they rock - L'Occitane. 

Have you ever just hit it off with someone immediately that it gives you this feeling? Not only was Vivian's passion for the brand and knowledge of their ethos completely enveloping but she, as a person, was just good people. We laughed, I learned and my affinity to the brand has only strengthened because of it. Hey, L'Occitane HQ, if you're reading, HAI! Also, Vivian is a HUGE asset to your company, give her all the monies. We like her. We like her a loh!

5. Dooped by Mr Frosty

From an immediate connection to an immediate WAR. We got to check out Nick Frost's newest release Cuban Fury on Friday night with the man himself in attendance. 

Having partaken in the mojitos, it was time for the show. I, of course, didn't miss the opportunity for a hug (GREAT hugger) but I managed a quick snap too. He told me to pretend I was overwhelmed and he would too. The man is a comedic legend but THIS IS WAR. 

(Film's good craic by the by, I just won't ever take Chris O Dowd seriously as an Alpha Male, not ever.)

Tell me, what's cheering up your Monday then? 


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

ooohhh nice one with Nick there!

Unknown said...

Those holders for the make up brushes are lovely! I'm currently over excited as 9 Weeks today I shall be heading to NYC for a week! Also starting a new course this week so looking forward to that... Although I'm doing it myself from the home so will need lots of motivation not to slack off! :)

Eleanorjane said...

I love Nick Frost - I think I'm actually going to be-stir myself to go to the movies and see his latest.

I too am seeing a bit of daylight when I leave the office (hoorah!) and some daffs are even blooming here in Bristol! Yay, Spring!