Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The HumpDay Chattery

It's Midweek already - WHOOT! 

I've summat a little different to get the chat going today hopefully - it's about a new product being launched in the States called Potty Mouth Soap and the PR release reads like this: 

"It is made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. So when your little darling dares to sass you can feel completely safe when placing Potty Mouth Soap at the edge of their mouth. And that yucky taste will help nip the lip that you're so fed up with. In a recent interview, 87% of respondents said they felt it was tougher to be a parent today then when they were a kid. We live in a society where television and peer influence is flooded with negativity and disrespect. Our culture is becoming ruder, cruder and more acceptable of kids having a potty mouth. But that doesn't mean that you have to tolerate it!"

Now when I expressed a more than a little concern on the forum we were chatting on (predominantly American Bloggers) I was met with the strangest reaction. I think one of the 15 chatted actually found fault with this?!

Tell me, am I crazy? Are we really condoning washing children's mouths out instead of parenting them? I'd love to hear your thoughts 
(and any other meanderings or musings of course!)

Let's Chat!

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Felicity said...

My mother washed my mouth out with soap. I have the foulest mouth of anyone I know. Washing kids mouth out does not work. QED.

Having said that I totally watched my language around the DD all her life and she can now turn the air various shades of violine with happy abandon, so the whole modelling good behaviour thing only works for limited time periods as well.

You know what? Kids will be kids, and this is Ireland. We curse. We do not go down to the bodega and shoot some random when we're having a bad hair day. I think I'll stick with what we have and give the soap a miss!

Breedao said...

I can't imagine washing a child's mouth out with soap - I wonder which states will this do well in?

Unknown said...

Ah the oul lets compare Ireland to States shite * not from you Felicity from the bloggers cherry was on about.
ok maybe it is a bit harder to parent children nowadays compared to years ago, as the amount of stuff they have, but christ on a stick them american mammies can be such a pain in the arse. Forum after forum have been read in the nugget house and the amount of waffle that comes from them is shocking, from being either a crazy assed hippy to the ultra religious nuts. Im not dissing any of them, I am just stating a point when it comes to that sort of forumming.
I agree with felicity. Its Ireland, we curse. we curse because its our nature. And before people start saying anything about what I have just commented on, this house has dual- I am Irish, nuggs mam is american

Nichole Quinn said...

It's not a joke? My god.
Mind you as someone dating a non irish, he is always amazed at the level of cursing we do, I think he finds it entertaining if a bit baffling, he always asks why we curse.

Breedao said...

Fecking office is freezing today - scarf is up around my ears :(

Unknown said...

In case anyone hasnt got a v-card yet.

I am off to find a 1c telly in tesco

Breedao said...

Just listening to the radio here - sounds scary in Kerry/Cork at the moment

Breedao said...

Mother of God - just got soaked going to the bus and it's swaying in the gusts - hope all are safe and well in this weather

Sue Jordan said...

Do you know Dave, you're 100% right.

We're Irish and it's part of our vernacular - like it or not - it just is.

It's the condescension I got from them that bothered me most - 'Eh, lady if you can't parent your child without shoving a bar of soap down their gullets then the fault does NOT lie with the child!'

It's blahhdy wild out there, missed 3 events and a screening (I know, woe is me) but I've run out of prescription for my back until tomorrow and meeting anyone in the state I'm in now after battling the elements would NOT be good PR.

Hope ye all get home safe!

And let us know if you got any bargains Dave!