Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Lush Valentines 2014 - Get in the Mooood for Luuuurve

I'll be the first to admit that I can be a little overwhelmed when passing a Lush store, to me it's not about the overpowering scents, it's more about the choice - I see a vast array of loveliness and I panic. That's why I'm probably the only person glad of the apocalyptic weather this week as it meant we had one on one attention at the Lush Valentine 2014 event and boy was it a good 'un. 

First up in this year's vegetarian offering is the Love Locket Bath Bomb. The heftiest bomb I've seen in quite a while, the Love Locket can be used 3 times for luxury each go or all in one for a dip with decadence that I recommend on the double. The perfect Valentine's night date escape from overpriced restaurants and wilting roses. Had we smelloscreens you'd order this NOW. 

Easily my favourite of the entire launch, Neon Love Soap is knuckle bitingly gorgeous. Blended fresh figs, passion fruit and soya yoghurt means I was never not going to love this. That header up there is the GINORMOUS version in the Grafton St window and I'd happily shower up and flop against it like a fish forever and ever amen. 

The Close to You Massage Bar takes it's inspiration from the Jammy Dodger, srsly. Cupachu butter, shea butter and olive oil mean we're talking slip sliding away with this sweetly scented massage bar. Smelling exactly like Rock Star soap & Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, it's a good 'un.

€6.25 - €20.95
Prince Charming takes it's inspo from Adam and the Ants!! I named my youngest chil' with the same thing in mind so I was always going to have an affinity with this marshmallow root, pomegranate and almond oil elixir. The additions of sandalwood, geranium and grapefruit mean although there's sweetness here, Prince Charming is a morning time shower treat to wake up the senses. 

I'm giving you a straight up warning, one sniff of Tender is the night gave me these feels  - that's the intended objective of a sexy time massage bar, is it not? With Shea & murumuru butter, jasmine, ylang ylang (that's the sexiness right there) & vanilla essential oils and absolute, you're gonna plough your way to the counter with this vegan delight. 

The Kiss Tinted Lip Balm blends mandarin & almond essential oils to give a light pink but nourishing sparkle to lips. This one will be going directly into my inside póca, very wearable and lip salving too? Sold. 

Of course, should you be unable to choose and/or a lad in a panic at lunchtime on Feb 14th, you really can't go wrong with one of the pre packaged Lush gift boxes. Taking inspiration from 80's classic (or as I say, film) (I feel old) Tom Cruise's movie Cocktail the neon packaged boxes are a little bit Gorge. 

Toucan Love, a 'one in yer eye' to Putin in the run up to Sochi, contains  best selling Tisty Toasty bath bomb with real rose buds & a Close to You Massage Bar. (€13.95)

Neon love (just like the Cocktail logo, geddit?) houses Red Fun, Neon Love Soap, Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie and From Dusk till Dawn Massage Bar. (€23.50)

Lots of Love (in a collectable box) gifts you Neon Love, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Prince Charming Shower Gel, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner & Tender is the Night Massage Bar. (€33.95)(Get this one, lads). 

All products are available now but limited edition so if you see summat you fancy, LEGGIT. 

What do we make of the Valentine's offerings? Are we Lush fans? 


Unknown said...

I wish they had a Lush shop in the west of Ireland! I just love going in and having a sniff of everything (and then buying things I don't need!

Unknown said...

you make it all look and smell 'lush'...and a bit tasty xx Debs xx

Eleanorjane said...

Ooh, there's some lovely looking treats in there. Neroli and ylang ylang are too of my fav. essential oils so I'd be up for a bit of that bath bomb. I've been having quite a few baths of late too, 'cos of this crappy weather!