Saturday, 18 July 2020

Ads Don't Always Mean Money Changes Hands & Here's Why

What makes an Ad an Ad? 

I know most of us know by now that if money changes hands that a post should be clearly labeled as #Ad or #Sp (more specifically used when money is involved. Often scripted content), but did you know that money doesn't need to change hands at all? Let me explain. 

Control is πŸ”‘

Say a wine company offers to send you a box of wine in return for a mention on your Instagram or an Insta giveaway where your followers must follow them to enter - that's an Ad. 

Control is πŸ”‘

Maybe a salon have invited you in, in return for a blog post - that's an Ad. Or a hotel offers you an overnight stay in return for a Facebook mention - that's an Ad. The 'in return for' means control. 
Control = Ad.

Control is πŸ”‘

Without money involved, the product or service becomes your payment, so always ensure you're happy that you're being paid fairly for your work - not only the work it will take to create engaging content but also the work it took to build your platform. Never sell yourself or your followers short. 

Control is πŸ”‘

I mean sometimes a box of wine is a perfectly adequate payment, no one can tell you how much you need that box of wine, right? But once you agree to receive something in return for your content, you've agreed to advertise. It's not only your moral and ethical obligation to declare that, it's your legal obligation too. 

Control is πŸ”‘

No matter your platform, no matter your payment, always declare the fact that you've been paid and always make marketing relationships crystal clear.

If you're a brand or small business, please remember, you offer products and services for review, without obligation to post. If you're offering either 'in return for coverage', you're asking for an Ad and should approach it as such. 

Tell me, when you see #Ad do you automatically assume money has changed hands?

If you're creating content, did you know control = Ad?

(I've an ASAI highlight saved way back when on Instagram HERE for further info. You'll also find helpful posts under the Blog Help tab πŸ’)

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