Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday's Moments - 02/07

Morning all, another weekend has trundled into history, eh? I'd a pretty great one, got to head out with a bestie on Friday and see Stand, a favourite band of mine for years. Then on Saturday myself and Karen of the had an evening of chats, eats, lols and headed in to see the Laugh Out Loud comedy gig for Temple Street. Great craic altogether.

Did you get up to anything? Wanna see some Monday's Moments while you decide whether or not to spill?

1. It's a Tough Job...

The weather has been slightly apocalyptic of late, as only Irish weather can. Switching from hail the size of your hands to 19 degree heat in the space of an hour. It might not look it but I took this shot in said heat in Howth last week while on a site visit. I happened to have timed my visit perfectly.

While the camera did catch the looming clouds, it didn't catch the snakey 99 I was having while sat on the bench, with my phone on vibrate, in the scorching heat before heading back to the office. Some site visits are just slightly more scenic than others. Thankfully.

2. Best Compliment Evah! 

I met a pal I haven't seen in years last week (Hai, Alison *waves*), we'd a good ol' chinwag and catch up and she then gave me one of the nicest compliments I've received about this here blog to date. She said she'd checked it out and of course I winced slightly waiting on her verdict.

'It's like I'm sitting beside you in class all over again!' was her description, I'm fairly sure she's not talking about the extensive beauty knowledge I had as a teen (I didn't) she followed it up with 'You're still a messer'. That, to me, is exactly what I'd love for people to get from le blog, a bit of a chuckle, a minute or two to take a break and have a laugh. Best. Compliment. Evah!

3. My Name in Lights! Print!

As if the La Roche Posay news last week wasn't good enough, I had the sheer delight to be featured (slightly) in this months Prudence magazine. Moment number 3 came on Saturday evening when I flicked through the mag and stumbled upon my own name.

Now I know it's a little bit silly to get so excited about something like that but genuinely there was a squee let out. It's a very, very nice feeling and definitely one of my highlights of the year so far. Just wait till I'm featured in double and treble page spreads! (I jest)(slightly)

4. Suddenly a Wild Daddio Appears!

While rushing around to get ready on Saturday to head out I was picking up dog food in the new Tesco store that's been opened locally (Aren't they everywhere now?). Haring from aisle to aisle looking for where they might keep the madra chow I looked up and who did I spot? My own Daddio!

Don't get me wrong, I see the man every other day, if not every day but to meet him like that, out in the waild, unexpectedly... 'I know you!' He said, clearly as startled as I was and we got to chatting, for almost 30 minutes, as if we were strangers, in the waild. Mad, Ted.

5. Be Our Guest

Meet this kitteh, I refuse to call him by either of the names that the youngest Gorgebag has already suggested. He's not ours you see. He followed that same youngest home on Friday evening and has been living the life of Reilly here at Casa Cherry ever since.

I've tweeted and facebooked this picture hoping that his owner would come forward as a puss puss this pretty must have a home to go to. He had no tag and has an appointment today to check for a chip but speaking as a non cat lover, he's an absolute sweet heart. Diesel is still unsure how he feels about this marmalade interloper but I have an inkling, if an owner can't be found (Clonsilla area of Dublin 15), he'll be sticking around these parts for the foreseeable. I r glutton for punishment. I know this...

So tell me, how was your last week of June 2012, anything weird or wonderful happen? 

By the by if you want to see Stand
rock the Kasbah for yourself, they play 
Hiiiiiiighly recommended x
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