Monday, 23 July 2012

Limited Edition: Aussie Colour Mate Hair Care Range

Say G'Day to the limited edition Summer range from cult favourite hair care brand, Aussie. Inspired by Australian designers to bring a little sunshine to your shower, these new bottles are covered with flowers and bright summery wording but won't be around for long so if you want to brighten up your bathroom with these, you'll need to be quick. 

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo - €4.89
Using the famous Australian Wild Peach extract, this shampoo is super sweetly scented, which I love. I can't abide sweet perfumes but on my locks I make an exception. Thick and unctuous, it only takes a little to work up a good lather and it really doesn't need to be repeated. 

Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner - €4.89
 With the same scent as the shampoo, Aussie Colour Mate is thinner in consistency than a lot of conditioners I use but boy is it potent. A small amount worked into your grúaig lathers nicely and rinses to leave your hair feeling squeaky clean.

Aussie Colour Mate 3 Minute Miracle - €5.99
Should your tresses be in distress you need look no further than the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I popped this in, covered it with a shower cap and a towel turban over that and left it sit while I finished my bath. Rinsing it out, not only did it smell divine but it rinsed clear in minutes and left my hair ridiculously manageable.

I hadn't used 3 Minute Miracle before but having tried it, Thanks to the brand, I can easily see why it was a winner last year. Not only was my hair light, bright and super soft but the peach scent stayed until the following evening. When I got up in the morning I pulled out my pony tail and shook my hair and it looked just washed, only needing me to run my fingers through before heading out the door. Well worth the budget price tag of €5.99 and certainly something I'll be picking up again.

Aussie Colour Mate Limited Edition Packs are available to buy now from all good pharmacies and supermarkets. Have you thrown these in your shopping basket before? Is there anything else from the Aussie ranges you think I should try?

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