Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Barry M Nail Paint Chameleon Collection

New from Barry M we have Chameleon Effects nail polish, proffered by Mr M with the words:

''Magical Chameleon instant nail effects means you have two colours in one! Instructions: 1) Apply a base coat and then apply one coat of your chameleon nail paint and allow to dry. 2) Apply second coat and allow to dry. 3) Create a design with your clear nail paint and watch it change colour.''

I read that and was instantly reminded of the t shirts in the 80's that changed with the heat of your body (I had an orange/yellow one btw). Being a lover of all things 80's and an addict to all things polish I had to give these a go. Wanna see how they look on the nail?

Barry M Chameleon Blue 
Chameleon Blue is a chrome effect silver based blue, once covered with a top coat though it transforms into a beautiful maroon metallic. The polish itself is a one coater, no question, thick and opaque in an instant it's easy to work with. 

Barry M Chameleon Lilac
Chameleon Lilac is just that a chrome lilac silver that once a top coat is applied turns a deeper metallic purple shade. Again, this is a one coat wonder as with Barry M Foil Paints. 

Barry M Chameleon Pink

Chameleon Pink is a chrome dusky pink and probably my favourite base colour of the three. One coat is all that's needed and once covered it transforms to a deep metallic purple. This, unfortunately, isn't as good at the old switcheroo as the other two. The picture above is following 3 attempts to get it right. 

There is room to get a little creative with these polishes too, simply paint on designs or dots using a clear top coat and watch your creation develop, just like a magic marker!

Barry M recommend using a base coat with these polishes and that's more because of the foil formulation than anything else. It shows up every, lump, bump and ridge if you don't. They're a fun and quirky idea and are a pleasure to work with. I'd love to see the pink colour in a normal polish though as it has no hope of lasting more than a day without a top coat.

Priced at €5.99 they're available in Boots and Superdrug now.

What do you think of Chameleon polishes? Unnecessary or Über cool?

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