Thursday, 12 July 2012

Workin' 9 to 5?

I've a bit of a different post for you this morning, peeps. I'm halfway through my second week off and doing sweet F A and it's got me to thinking about a few of the reasons I love my job (crazy, I know). If you'd have asked me to make a list on the Friday before I finished up it'd probably look very different. It's very easy to get a little bogged down in the day to day but there has to be positives, right?

I know we chat beauty, movies and nails here but I'd love to know what you, yep you, do for a living and one thing you love about it. I'm nosy like that but honestly find it fascinating. Of course I'm not just counting 'work' as sitting in the office all day, maybe you're a stay at home Mam (hats off to you), maybe you're looking for paid employment (again, much respect) but can you tell me one thing or one aspect of your day job that you really enjoy?

I'll start, k? My actual job is as a Road Safety Officer, there's many aspects to that but some of the main ones are: 

  • Managing 160 School Wardens (Lollypop Ladies)
  • Supervising the Remote Monitoring System for the County's traffic lights
  • Giving Road Safety talks to schools and youth groups
  • Examining pupils for cycle proficiency
  • Planning County events to coincide with National campaigns (Like Bike Week just gone)
That's only really the tip of what swamps my 9 to 5 but there are genuinely some fantastic elements: 
  • Every single day is different, not a chance of boredom. Ever 
  • The camaraderie within the School Warden Service is second to none
  • Site visits at the crack of dawn mean I get to see the County wake up & come to life
  • Learning something new every time I speak to a school. Kids can be hysterical
  • That feeling of accomplishment when against ALL the odds our event is a success 

So tell me, what is it you do with your average day and what's one thing that you enjoy about it? There has to something.. G'wan... Tell us...

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