Friday, November 18, 2022

The iNua Collection launch their Barróg Treatments, A Range of Innovative Cancer Care Spa Treatments


The iNua Collection have launched an innovative series of Barróg Spa Treatments suitable for guests living with cancer or with a history of cancer, in collaboration with Christine Clinton Cancer Care and Peigin Crowley of GROUND Wellbeing. Corrina and I were grateful to be invited to the launch of these groundbreaking and much needed treatments, and speak with some of the women who have benefited greatly from their development. These specially designed Barróg Cancer Care treatments will be available at the Hillgrove Hotel & Spa, Tullamore Court Hotel, and the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa in Cork, Limerick and Sligo. 


A Selection of the Ground Wellbeing Products now Available

Therapists from each spa have received Cancer Care certification after undergoing intensive training with Christine Clinton. Christine has over 30 years experience in the health and wellness sector and is qualified in therapeutic massage, skincare, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, lymphatic drainage and energy medicine. After receiving clinical training in mind body medicine from Harvard Medical School, Christine created an award-winning 3 day SATCC (Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care) programme that has been used in spas and schools across the UK & Ireland.


Therapists from each Spa, pictured with Christine Clinton, receiving their certification

Under the stellar leadership of Sue Harmsworth (Founder of ESPA), the SATCC (Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care) was developed to provide a beacon of light, offering a trusted authority for the UK & Ireland aligning spas & therapists with excellence in accredited training, insurance support and consumer outreach.


Award Winning Industry Powerhouse, Peigin Crowley introduces Ground Wellbeing's Barróg Collection

Using GROUND Wellbeing products by Peigin Crowley, these treatments aim to relieve anxiety, muscle tension and pain for those going through cancer treatment or those who have just finished. 


GROUND Wellbeing’s Barróg product collection was created to aid skin going through cancer treatment and uses powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and antibacterial ingredients. Peigin’s products have been used in many 5-star establishments including The Shelbourne Hotel and Mount Juliet Estate.


Tóg go bog é (€110, 1 hour 15 minutes) is an adapted full body massage that encapsulates breathwork, Brazilian toe techniques incorporated with a relaxing back, leg and arm massage.


The Scalp Ritual (€60, 30 minutes) is tailored to those experiencing hair loss or dry scalp. The Ground Scalp Relief Oil containing avocado and rosemary nourishes and mosturises the scalp, relieving any discomfort and itching.


The Deep Relaxation Ritual (€60, 30 minutes) uses Ground Aromatherapy oils and gentle massage techniques to activate the lymphatic system, leading to deep relaxation.


Designed for those experiencing weak nails and dry skin, the Hand & Foot Ritual (€60, 30 minutes) protects the nail beds using oils infused with jojoba and red algae followed by a hand and foot massage that applies mindful lymphatic pressure to pressure points on the feet.


The Barróg (€155, 1 hour 45 minutes) includes the Tóg go bog é full body massage with the choice to add on any of the 30 minute Cancer Care treatments. 


This special range of treatments will be available to book across the selected properties from October 1st. Should you wish to purchase the products as truly beautiful gifts you'll find them now in Brown Thomas HERE and on Irish Beauty site HERE (if you use SueJordan at checkout you'll receive an additional 20% off too.


To find out more about the iNua Collection, visit


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The iNua Collection is launching their Barróg Treatments, an innovative cancer care spa treatment designed to provide relaxation, comfort, and support to individuals undergoing treatment. These treatments typically incorporate gentle therapies like aromatherapy, light touch massage, and mindfulness techniques. They aim to address the overall well-being of the patient, addressing both physical and emotional aspects of their journey. Customization is possible to accommodate specific medical conditions, treatment side effects, and personal preferences. Spa settings are designed to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, ensuring patients feel relaxed and at ease. Trained therapists and staff are often experienced in working with cancer patients, providing compassionate and knowledgeable care. Specialized skincare and nail care may be included to address issues during cancer treatment. Stress reduction is also a goal, aiming to reduce stress and anxiety, positively impacting the patient's overall well-being. Patients are encouraged to practice self-care and relaxation techniques. It is crucial for individuals considering these treatments to consult with their healthcare providers to ensure they are safe and appropriate for their specific medical condition and treatment plan.Acuerdo de Solución Disputa de Contrato

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