Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kardashian Beauty: Limited Edition Watercolor Nail Polishes

You'll have seen the newly branded Kardashian Beauty far and wide across the blogosphere this past couple of weeks. It has received mixed reviews ranging from immediate HG status to bloggers that refuse to give the collections a second glance on principle alone. It has to be admitted that my grá for polish far outweighs my apathy for the fame hungry sisters so I was thrilled when Cloud 10 Beauty sent me some of the limited edition Watercolor polishes for a test run. 

First impression? I'm confuddled as to why the collection would be called Watercolor when the colours are anything but watered down or washed out. I've tried 3 of the six shades on offer and each one glided on smoothly, reached opacity in one coat and only needed a second to perfect the polished look. 

There's something here for everyone wanting a summer polish favourite from light pastels to serious brights all creme formulations with a glossy finish. I've gotten 3 days wear, chip free with Race and Float and the shine stayed true for that time. I've since given them a lash of Seche Vite just to brighten them up again, which I can only do with a long lasting polish. 

All six polishes are 4 free (without toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBP) so are safe for pregnant ladies and those concerned with the toxins found in nail laquer. You would usually expect to pay a premium for polishes in that category so the €9.95 price tag on the Watercolor collection isn't too shabby at all. 

Watercolor Race (electric red/orange) and Float!

You'll find the entire Kardashian collection on Cloud 10 Beauty, should you be after the Watercolor range though, I'd say hop to it as it's limited edition. As ever, the delivery with Cloud10 is lightening fast so you could realistically have these slick polishes on your talons in a couple of days. 

Keep peelers pelt though as I've something very exciting from Cloud 10 coming up! Eeep!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

L'Occitane's Verveine Menthe/Mint Verbena: A Unisex Intensely Refreshing Citrus Saviour in this Muggy Weather

Despite the Armageddon style weather of the past couple of weeks, I've yet to get used to the mugginess that this unprecedented summer weather has brought to our little emerald isle. From first thing in the morning I'm feeling the heat, right through to lunch when my Sweaty Bettyness comes to the fore and on to close of business when my makeup has slipped 3 inches and my hair resembles Monica on holliers, my only saviour has been L'Occitane's Mint Verveine (verbena). 

The 2013 edition of the French brand's summer verbena offerings, this mint had us smitten from first spray. It's citrussy, minty, zesty, verbena(y) and intensely refreshing - almost sparkling in its scent. 

Advertised as a unisex offering, I was interested to get the Gorgebags' take: 

Eldest: 'Has anyone baggsed this yet? It smells like a whoosh of musky mint'
Youngest: 'What mint shower gel?' with the very clear shape of the Mint Verveine up his geansaí!

Summer Mist 100ml - €23.50Fresh Roll-on 10ml - €20Eau de Toilette 50ml - €38
The mint essential oil used in the EDT and encapsulated in the tiny green spheres in the shower gel mean that this scent stays on the skin all day long, that doesn't stop me hopping into the shower as soon as I'm through the door to wash the day off and wake myself up though. 

For the more knowledgeable about stinky stuff among us the notes include green lemon, grapefruit,verbena, spearmint, peppermint, white woods and musk and depending on the time of day you'll smell every one. 

As it stands we've gotten through three quarters of the shower gel and I've caught Aaron twice so far liberally dousing himself in the EDT. Because it's limited edition though I'll definitely be picking up another shower gel and possibly the body lotion to match. How fresh is it? Minty Fresh. 

Are you a verbena fan? Have you tried this mint version yet? 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday's Moments: 29/07/13

Bet you thought there wouldn't be Moments, didn't you? You're not alone - pooter problems have reached epidemic proportions in Casa Cherry but hope is on the horizon. 

Desktop problem has been identified, it's a network card and it'll be fixed Thursday, it's PayDay. Until then though, here we are - Monday's Moments Uber Alles:

1. Shopping My Literal Stash

Here's the thing about living with two teenage man beasts, they're hungry and thirsty. Hungry and thirsty ALL THE TIME. Swarms of locusts with a bajillion tiny hollow legs haven't a patch on these two so in order for me to get anything, ever, evasive action must be taken. 

I would estimate that 30% of the weekly shop is stashed to be released at a later date and prevent all out hoggage of a Thursday and very occasionally I'll stash something so well that I'll completely forget about it until I'm searching for something else with a mouth like the Sahara. These Moments happen very rarely but when they do they're golden!

2. The Manly Man Washer/Embarrassment Maker 

By rights you should have seen this Moment last week, I've just about gotten over the embarrassment of it now though, just enough to put it on the blog. 

While in Boots I picked up the Lynx Man Washer for the lads, telling them about it they both burst out laughing in disbelief and pulled up this ad to explain why. Watch it, watch it and feel my complete bewilderment, shock and the reason they won't let me live it down for the next ten years...

3. Ahhh, I'm shot!

Before the torrential downpours of the past few days it had been a little while seen we'd seen the wet stuff, right? 

Coming back from lunch with my bestie Lisa (Hi Lisa *waves*) last week she suddenly dived sideways grabbing her face and looking at the sky 'Oh my god, what was that?!'.. 'Eh, that was rain!'. I couldn't be controlled laughing, she genuinely got the fright of her life that something wet had fallen from the sky and hit her.. Remember that time we forgot what rain was? Good times. 

4. Go On, Go On, Go On

This is a bittersweet Moment but one I have to share nonetheless. The Sis recommended Matthew Perry's new show Go On and I've devoured it since. Clever, original, sweet and laugh out loud funny (without the need for a God Awful canned laughter track to tell you when to titter) it has unfortunately gone the way of many awesome shows and been cancelled after one series. 

Do yo'self a favour though and watch it - beardy dude up there is probably one of my all time favourite sitcom characters and he's made me chuckle for days now. Stoopid NBC. 

5. A Smurftastic End to the Journey

Yesterday brought to an end the madness that was my Smurf Irish Ambassador journey (read about it here and here). We all got to attend the very blue and brilliantly organised (fair blahhdy play Sony) global premiere of Smurfs 2. 

The crazy nieces and nephews dressed up for the occasion and were papped from every angle so I'm expecting to see them in the papers this week but the most fun of the day had to go to the movie itself. We all genuniely enjoyed it - the baby sat for the entire show with his 3D specs on and we all laughed along. The eldest Gorgebag (pictured above) will have a full review on Friday but the childerbeasts the country over are gonna love it!

And that's them, the Moments that wouldn't be silenced, it'll quite possibly be Toosday by the time you read these but do please tell me - what's the happy haps in your corner of the world this week? Hmmmm? 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Avicii - Wake me Up

Could Avicii BE any hotter right now? 

His latest offering is a musical nod just to remind us that Summer isn't over quite yet, despite what pessimistic tools tell you. 

I must have played this a bajillion times this week and judging by the almost 35 MILLION hits on just this Vevo version, I'm not alone. 

Chatting to MTV about the surprise global reaction to the feel good tune, the man himself said  “It’s surreal. None of us, not me, Aloe [Blacc] or Mike [Einziger], none of us had a clue ‘cause it was like a fun experiment mixing a fusion between genres and stuff so to us it was just like we always loved the track but we weren’t sure how people were going to react so it’s definitely a great feeling.”

Are you liking it? I like it a loh!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Conjuring - Movie Review


Who's in it?


What's it about?

The Conjuring is the story of demonologist Ed Warren and his clairvoyant wife Lorraine's investigation into the haunting of the Perron family's new house in 1970. It also has the (rushed, tacked on feeling) case of two nurses and a friend, in which one of the nurse's Raggedy Anne doll named Annabelle has been infested with a malevolent demon.

Left: The real Annabelle,  Right: The film's Annabelle

Any Good?

I want to start out by saying that I usually HATE the horror genre, I always expect to be scared or at least a little freaked out but come away disappointed EVERY TIME due to the fact that they're basically all the same story, characters and unexplained idiocy. Then there comes along a horror like this..

The film opens to the aforementioned tacked on-feeling story of two nurses and some random dude that's apartment has been plagued by one of the nurses Raggedy Anne that has been infested with a demon. They are the stereotype for haunted people, they throw out the doll then later that night when there's a loud thumping at the door they open their bedroom doors at exactly the same time, step out at the same time and exchange the same glance of 'WTF?'. While I did find this awful in the fact IT'S EVERY HORROR WITH A DOLL EVER, it's bearable due to the fact it's how you meet the complete badasses that are Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Did someone say possessed doll stereotype?

After you meet the Warrens you meet the Perrons, every movie-stereotype family ever, we've even got the annoying teenage daughter moaning about everything. Now this was a low point for me, even with the AWESOME Season of The Witch playing in the background, it made me think that this was another example of the only scary thing about horrors for me; it's an exact carbon copy of it's predecessors. But that's where it all stops, what follows is a completely engrossing, arm rest gripping-until it hurts- real horror movie.

The actual Perron sisters and the film's Perron sisters

Ed (who sadly passed away in 2006) is a through-and-through boss, he's just completely cool from his clothes, to his demeanor, and even his (apparently trending) side burns. He is acted fantastically by Patrick Wilson, and after reading an interview with the the real Ed I realised Wilson was even closer to the mark than I thought. Vera Farmiga played Lorraine brilliantly as well, even when her cue was to be an annoying wife that just repeated herself. But tied for the star of the film with Wilson as Ed is Lili Taylor as (mother) Carolyn Perron, she was incredible. She is consistently good, as is her makeup as the film goes on, no matter what happens she hits the mark for me every time. Then there's Roger Livingston playing Roger Perron, and I'll admit he was as wooden as Pat Kenny's hair to start but he progressively gets better throughout the film. Overall the film is excellently acted, but then again this is a horror film so I'm not sure if that's saying much.

Dem sideburnzz

Now I have to say The Conjuring is brilliant, but I am aware that it is from a genre I usually hate and this took me surprise so I have to acknowledge the flaws and not be blinded by 'this is different so it's great' views. The tacked-on Annabelle aspect of the story is a huge disappointment after reading the actual case because that case alone could have had a great film. It's rushed, out of place and just lazily thrown in (it's a totally different case) to create tension in an already tense film, which it kind of took out of it for me, but then OH MY GOD when it actually is 'relevant' again. Then there's the first ghost you see. I want to let you get excited to see it but it's just such a letdown, it's basically the exorcist face from every horror/popup face in videos and it's such a pain because of how well it's built up to the showing, then it's just like being on Newgrounds pre-2005. 

 The  Face of  Disappointment..

All in all The Conjuring is really incredible, but bear in mind that's in regard to the fact it's a horror as well a film. It's not the typical jump scare with the Face of Disappointment up there popping up every two minutes, when the scares and shocks happen they're there and will remain there, not just pop up and leave. I spent the day reading about the Warrens and their cases and they really are awesome, as is the movie, but even without the (certainly unneeded) added or changed 'scare factors' in the film it would have been just as good. The film captured it's time (1970) in both fashion, style and technology and this just added to it being believable and added to my immersion in the story which most movies of any genre never really get right. I would love to give The Conjuring a 5 but it's flaws will just glare you in the face, so it sadly just doesn't deserve it. It's things like this that really make me question my skepticism on all matters paranormal..


This film really is perfectly thrilling, scary and well worth a watch, as is reading up on the Warrens cases. If you either catch the (highly recommended) film or just even read up on the couples exploits I'd love to hear about it on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

How do, Friday Eve? Are you ready to share the rustling?

1. Filthy, FILTHY ATMs...

 photo tumblr_inline_mln6ufv09l1qz4rgp_zps98f5281e.gif

2. Creepy work IT guy asking if he can remotely access my home PC to try fix it...

 photo tumblr_lguhpnRbSQ1qzbl7f_zps5a5f8347.gif

3. Aggressive, albatross sized seagulls in my garden
when I live 15 miles from the coast!!

 photo tumblr_inline_mq4x3lIFdl1qz4rgp_zps96c53529.gif

4. Fully grown, professional women 
not knowing how to use the toilet!!

 photo tumblr_inline_mi2i0yO2Cl1qz4rgp_zps83bd336a.gif

5. Stray cats fighting (OR loving) loudly

shut the fuck up gifs photo: Shut The Fuck Up ShutTheFuckUp.gif

Ooooh Wheee and I'm back to easy, breeziness FOR NOW. 

You know the drill by now, peoples, I've flicked on the kettle and pulled the chairs into a circle - to the comments to release the rants!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Perfect Facial for Pigmentation from Dermalogica at Nu Essence

A couple of weeks back I had the very real pleasure of popping by Nu Essence on South Anne's St, Dublin as a guest to trial one of their bespoke Dermalogica facials. Bespoke in that the treatment begins with a Face Mapping session that identifies not only your skin type but your skins needs and the best course of action for its care. 

My primary concern was a recent onset of pigmentation across my forehead and cheeks and within the first five minutes Julie, my Dermalogica expert for the treatment got right to the source of the problem. 'How long have you had this issue? she asked, 'About 7 months', 'What's changed in the past seven months then?, 'I started to take the pill'. 

Julie made it very clear that she wasn't a doctor but having the experience and training that she has in her field, she's well able to make some assessments with ease. Apparently the contraceptive pill (Yasmin in my case) tricks the body into believing it's pregnant and, as such, produces increased hormones, which can (and has in my case) results in an increased level of melatonin. Because of the recent sunshine, that melatonin has reacted, tried to protect the skin of my visage and resulted in the patchy pigmentation that has been plaguing me. 

Q&A session out of the way, Julie got to taking a good hard look at the skin on my face, neck and decolletage and came up with her prescription facial to meet my needs. It involved Dermalogica's Cromawhite products on the whole with Pre Cleanse, Daily Defense SPF, Serum and Intensive Moisture Balance. 

The treatment itself was two hours of pure bliss (bar the extractions, but that's a necessary evil). My skin was double cleansed at every change of products and Julie quietly and assuredly talked me through every step. 

Included in that 120 minutes, during which I noddled once or twice was a perfectly pressured neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage. I was fairly certain I'd be heading home like Monty Burns after his treatments in The Simpsons. 

To the crux of the matter though: what about the pigmentation? How about a little before and after shot, eh? Completely make up free? (be kind) 

'I bring you looove'
It's very clear to see the difference from just this treatment. Julie made it very clear that any permanent change in the appearance of my skin would take sustained treatment, using the same Dermalogica products (or just coming off/changing the shaggin' pill) but for a two hour session, I was pretty blahhdy stoked. 

There has been a marked improvement in the appearance of the pigmentation and even a chance encounter with my brother where he asked 'What's up with your head?' wasn't enough to make me as conscious of it as I was before. 

Admittedly I haven't continued the Dermalogica Cromawhite treatments but that's a lot more to do with trialling a bajillion other products than it is my 100% belief in Julie's work. 

Bespoke Dermalogica facials start at €80 (consultations are free) in Nu Essence and, if just for the massage alone, I'd urge you to treat yourself. I know I'll be doing so again. 

Tell me, what works for your pigmentation? Or even more interestingly, have you had unexpected side effects with your pill? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Experience of Maternity Care in Ireland.

Courtesy of

On the day of the manic media frenzy that was the royal birth a new Irish Twitter account came to be. @MaternityIre was set up by Jane Travers following an Irish Independent column by Carol Hunt. The aim is simple, to give a voice to the women of Ireland regarding their maternity care and to put to the test the Pro-Life (Anti-Choice) assertion that ‘Ireland has the world’s best maternity care' for our women.  

Not inclined to share my story and hog timelines in 140 character snippets I thought a post might be in order, to open the discussion here on the blog too and add my voice to the topic. This is a change from the norm here at CherrySue but usual beauty/hilarity will resume shortly - promise.

As we all know by now I’m the proud Momma to two teen lads, very close in age and born here in Dublin. I was a young Mum and had the boys in two separate hospitals with experiences that couldn’t be any more polar opposite if they tried.

Aaron was born in Dublin Rotunda hospital in January of 1996, when I was just shy of 18 years of age. I can still recall the hours of waiting, often heavily pregnant and standing while husbands and partners sat in the waiting rooms. The appointments system was a farce, though me, being me at the time, never once asked for a seat. I didn’t kick up and didn’t make a fuss.

Aaron’s birth, however, was a different story entirely, from the moment I entered the lobby in the early stages of labour, nothing was too much trouble for the nurses on hand. I spent 36 hours in labour (with the aid of a prompt and topped up epidural) under the careful, attentive and fully supportive care of a most wonderful midwife. She split her shift and returned to see him born because we were faffing about so long. 

When his heartbeat could no longer be detected she talked me through every step of the plan. He was to be delivered by vacuum and forceps. I was young and terrified but felt comforted by my midwife who never left my side. I couldn’t fault a moment of our care while in the Rotunda and I naively believed that the situation would be similar when Adam was born 18 months later.

To avoid the appointment melee of the Rotunda, I registered with Holles St. Each and every hospital check happened on time. The admin staff and corresponding doctors were on the ball every single time, which meant little or no waiting around (less than pleasant heavily pregnant in the Summer heat)

Having spoken to my Doctor, the plan was to attend the Rotunda for the birth so I was given my medical chart to bring home. Because labour came on so fast and so ferociously though we went to the closest hospital for fear of delivering in the car, arriving at Holles St at 2.50am. 

The midwife assigned to me got into the elevator with a wheelchair so I could be whisked to the delivery suite. Because I refused to sit down she became irate very quickly, understandable in a heated situation. ‘Sit down FOR CHRIST’S SAKE’ she said, at which point I pulled the waist band of my leggings to show her the baby had already crowned.

When my brother was told to take a seat outside, I was wheeled into the delivery suite alone. I’m not sure if the midwife and I had just gotten off on a bad foot but it was very clear she didn’t want to be taking care of us. Heavy breathing and exhaling ‘For Christ sake’s at every opportunity. I asked for gas or air, for something, anything to ease the overwhelming, searing pain I was in. I was refused any and all. I fully believed I’d pass out from the pain but it didn’t happen. When I told the midwife I was feeling sick again I was told ‘Don’t you dare be sick on that floor’, when losing my reason with pain was told ‘Oh shut your mouth and push!’.

It was only when my partner arrived, (with the doctor and second nurse) moments before Adam’s arrival, that her demeanor changed 180. Smiling and comforting, she was humming a song and wiping my brow – it took all my strength not to bite her. From door to cutting the cord Adam’s birth took 36 minutes. It was 3.30am and I told his Dad that nothing more could be done, to head on home for a sleep – I was in ‘good hands’.

Once he had left I asked what weight the baby was, ‘They’ll check upstairs’. I asked if he could be cleaned off, ‘that’ll happen later. I asked if I would need stitches ‘Don’t be so ridiculous’. I’d had 39 stitches on Aaron’s birth and having just given birth to a large baby boy with no assistance, knew I needed something.

While the room was cleaned, Adam was wrapped in the corner of my sheet and put to my breast. The midwife proceeded to wrap me in the sheet that I’d just given birth on and ordered me down into a wheelchair. We were wheeled naked and bloodied into the corridor, wrapped in just those sheets, where we sat, crying, for 55 minutes with staff and patients passing us, until someone remembered we were there.

Catching the midwife’s sleeve as she passed, I asked for some formula to feed the screaming baby ‘What’s wrong with your breasts?’ I explained that I felt faint (stunned from producing another human being in 30 minutes presumably) and that I needed to lie down – ‘Oh did your pals tell you this’d be easy?’. Even typing this I’m furious for 19 year old me. She had no idea that Adam was my second son, that I’d seen what maternity care should look like.

I was brought up to the ward and was sick as soon as I stood from the chair, the nurse behind said ‘We’re going to wash your child, I’ll bring back something for you to clear that up’ – it was then that I snapped, found my voice and my outrage and completely lost it. How dare she speak to me or anyone else that way. I made my way to the shower alone and was sick for 30 minutes, in severe pain and complete shock.

Returning to the bed, I saw Adam had been returned, still crying, to his cot in a nappy and left with a bottle of formula and two tablets on the dresser. I dressed him, fed him, cradled him until he slept and cried myself to unconsciousness. Signing us out first thing the following morning.

There is no doubt in my mind that that barbaric experience shaped me, that it added to the fog of post natal depression/post traumatic stress that followed. Cattle calving in fields are treated with more care and dignity than was afforded us in Holles St in 1997. Thankfully though, that’s a lifetime ago for us. With the help of my own GP and the healing power of time, I’ve moved on. 

It doesn’t stop me being angry though, angry at that midwife for her atrocious behaviour, angry at myself for believing I deserved it, angry I didn't complain and, more than anything else, angry reading the #maternityire hashtag that cases like this and worse are still happening in Ireland in 2013.

My aim is not to frighten anyone, horror stories are not my forte. I only want to let people know that we have far from consistency of care in this country. If you’re pregnant right now, don’t be afraid to ask for proper treatment, to question practices when you know something is wrong. Your experience can (and will) depend on the staff and the situation but dignity and compassion while under medical supervision should be a given.

You can add your voice to the hashtag #maternityire and share your stories and reactions good or bad. I will tweet a link to this post to that hashtag so you can also comment here should you prefer. We’re living in a first world country but our maternity care, at times, is far from first world standards. We are the women of this country and our experiences matter. We matter.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday's Moments: 22/07/13

What up, Monday, thought you'd sneak up on me this week, didn't you? Well, as ever I'm prepared!

Even though the sunshine looks like it's taking a hiatus, there's still Moments to keep me chipper - check 'em out: 

1. Sssssh, I'm trying to Creep here!

I'm relatively new to the Instagram game but it's quickly joined ranks with email, Twitter and Facebook as a favourite way to kill some time during the day.

Unfortunately they've recently introduced videos to the platform and, while stalking peoples' pretty pictures in the office, I've been caught out several times with the noise of the shaggin' things! 

Thankfully, while moaning about my first world problem on Twitter, I was given a solution: You can knock off the instant replay in Instagram settings! My silent creeping continues...

2. So Grateful for a Guest Post

I've been suffering, pretty much all week with a lingering headache/migraine - I'm blaming the weather/hormones/the kitten diving from the top window/serious Jimmie rustling but it had left me wiped out in the evenings and in bed early every night (UNHEARD OF)

That's why I was beyond grateful to the ever hilarious Lauren from Birdy Begins for this spot on Guest Post on Tuesday. Not only did she save my blogging bacon - she also made me chuckle. That's like win/win. Cheers M'Dear!

3. Shopping My Stash

I've been spending the last few weeks of the heatwave admiring the beautiful sundresses on our streets and in the shops and bemoaning the fact that I'm briste and can't afford any. 

A lightbulb went off when I saw one that looked very familiar though (don't blame me, blame the migraine) and I remembered I had a bajillion (slight exaggeration) in my holiday clothes! 

They've now been taken out, aired/washed and ironed, ready for the blistering heat - that's quite possibly why the sun has done a disappearing act... soz about that.

4. Rockefeller for a Day

I know this happens once a fortnight 'round here but, sweet jebus, this Pay Day was a long time coming. 

There's nothing quite like the feelings of a sheckle or two in your pocket when your dinner the previous evening was dust and twigs. Now, if only I could figure out how NOT to blow the lot in 4.5 days exactly - that'd help. 

5. Date Night Mark Deux

And finally, evening up the Momma/Boy Date Night score since last week, myself and Aaron took a skite into town on Saturday. 

A 3 hour head scratching documentary (in the most disturbing way) and a belly full of grub later, we spent an hour or so sitting in the sunshine chatting about the lunacy that was The Act of Killing. It was pure bliss. 

And that's them, the Moments and memories that mean I cold drag my carcass from the bed this morning and face Monday fighting. 

Tell me, what's happening 'round your neck of the woods? 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Chris Malinchak- So Good to Me

It's quite possible that it's the unseasonable heat this past couple of weeks but I just can't get enough of this Chris Malinchak number of late. 

It's a dreamy Summer tune that reminds me so much of holliers away or heady nights in Cream, Liverpool with my bestie, Siobhán. 

Tell me, what's been on reapeat in your noggin this week? 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The World's End - Movie Review

Who's in it?


What's it About?
The final in the ‘Cornetto’ trilogy, the hilarious Shaun of the Dead and blackly second best Hot Fuzz being the first two, The World’s End is the tale of Gary King (Pegg) desperately trying to relive his youth and bringing along four schoolyard pals (Frost, Freeman, Considine & Marsan) as bit part players on his nostalgic, beer fuelled quest. Things go awry about three pubs in though, as oft happens with pub crawls. Can they make it to the eponymous pub before the literal world’s end?

Any Good?
There’s been huge anticipation for this Edgar Wright finale way back as far as Spaced and if initial rumblings are to be believed, the die hard fan-base are very pleased with the result indeed. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite so enamoured. That could be because the imagery of middle aged men clinging to their youth through the medium of terrible puns and run down pubs doesn’t particularly resonate with me or it could just be that The World’s End is pretty much repeat performance of its predecessors with a couple of chuckles but not as many actual laughs.

She didn't like the jokes?..

Gary (Pegg) is on point as the epitome of a man that’s refused to grow up, a man baby, ‘a maybe’, with his consistent needling selfish assholery, backed up by Andy (Frost) as the responsible tee total mate this time. Their support comes in the form of money obsessed O Man (Freeman), Daddy’s boy Pete (Marsan) and the woefully underused Considine as Gary ’s rival love interest for Rosamund Pike.  

Their mission is simple, to (reluctantly for the most part) relive the glory days of their final day of school 20 years previous and their epic pub crawl on their old stomping ground. What they didn’t bank on and what’s unfortunately given away in the trailer is that Newton Haven is not the town it once was. It’s been overtaken by aliens filled with blue goo and an instant distaste for the middle aged mates.

Ahahaha a 'maybe' haha!! *Pssst..pssssst.. Simon, I don't get it..*

The signature clunky editing, ridiculously gory action packed fight scenes and hat tips to nostalgia are all present and correct here, bound with a stomping 90’s soundtrack and more B movie references than you can shake an empty pint glass at. At times it almost feels as though Wright and Pegg were shoehorning references in to the detriment of the script and story but it’s that ‘couldn’t give a toss’ attitude that makes their specific type of movie making so very popular in the first place. I know it’s what I loved about both Hot Fuzz and Shaun.

Not wanting to fall into the world of cliché but considering that most glowing reviews for this movie have been written by male reviewers and the laughs in our screening were notably baritone, The World’s End, in my honest opinion, really is ‘one for the lads’. Serious fans of Spaced and this trilogy will be satiated by this ‘Starbucked’ offering. For the rest of us though, this is the movie we wanted, it’s just not the one we deserved.