Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things to Make you Go LOL, Literally - Halloween Edition!

We're back again in an effort to make you audibly laugh, LOL, if you will and this time we're doing a Halloween special, cos, ya'know. 

Let me know if these have the desired effect and as ever - do share your LOL links in the comments - if they've made you LITERALLY LOL that is. Here's what's doing it for me this week:

Disney Villains Take on Chicago the Musical in Spell Block Tango!

Yep, Chicago is one of my all time favourite musicals so I was thrilled to see this 
Todrick Hall/Disney Diva iteration pop up in my inbox. 

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

We might have noticed a distinct lack of posts this past two days but I'm actually boring my own face off talking about this bandy back and its fallout so I'll let that be the resounding Jimmie Rustler but there have been several other contenders - oh yes there have!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jasper Jewellery Review and Giveaway!

If you peruse blogs as often as I do then you will have seen rumblings of a new Irish jewellery company, offering some serious bling at surprisingly affordable prices and free worldwide delivery. Jasper Jewellery may be new to the blogosphere but the family behind the company have been international business traders for over 4 generations so know a thing or two about the business. 

Monday's Moments: 28/10/13

Happy Monday one and all and happy bank holiday my Irish brethren. Can you believe it's the last one before Christmas? Me neither. 

How about some Moments that are chasing my blues away today? Hmmm? 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Robbie Williams - Go Gentle

Robbie is a bit of a marmite performer but having seen him in Slane may moons ago, I heart him, unashamedly. 

This here is the official music video for Go Gentle, the debut single from his newest album Swings Both Ways and is out on November 18.
It's slower, more gentle, if you will, than his normal bravado laden tunes but I reckon it'll be a hit. 

What's been on a loop in your noggin this week then? 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lone Survivor - Coming Soon

Not usually one for combat movies, this trailer and the back story for Lone Survivor have really piqued my interest. 

Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission "Operation Red Wings". Four members of SEAL Team 10 were tasked with the mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd. Were you not aware of th background or the outcome of the mission beforehand, the movies title could be seen as a slight spoiler but I, for one, am genuinely looking forward to seeing how it plays out on the big screen. 

Lone Survivor hits Irish cinemas in February 2014. 

Bad Grandpa - Movie Review

Who's in it?


What's it about?

When Billy's mother goes to prison for drug offences, Johnny Knoxville's Irving Zisman character from Jackass must drop his Grandson, Billy, (Jackson Nicoll) off with his deadbeat Dad who lives across the country. 

Any Good?

The thing you need to know before going to see Bad Grandpa is that it is NOT a Jackass movie. It's like someone took a film like Borat, removed most of the funny parts but tried to maintain the 'outrageous' qualities that Borat had.

Having watched Jackass 2, 3 and 3.5 on Netflix with de maaaaaa recently (she totally loves them by the way), when I seen a new Jackass movie I was delighted. I don't know what it is about Jackass, but it just seems to be funny to me no matter how stupid the stunts are. Now, Irving was always my least favourite parts of any Jackass, but when Bad Grandpa opened with the dickhouse logo I felt like it might actually be something I'd enjoy, but sadly the whole Jackass 'feel' ends there.

It didn't even have the disclaimer

While there was a few honest laughs in the movie (you'll know them when you see them), I found it unfunny and just a little try hard-y. It was like the movie couldn't decide if it was actually a part of Jackass, or if it was a real movie and this really annoyed me for some reason. It would switch camera types randomly in the movie from hidden cam to movie cam and this was truly off putting for me, if you're making a Jackass movie make a Jackass movie and not a weird hybrid. I had a feeling a lot of the 'encounters' with normal people were staged, as overacted voices and obvious glances down the camera were everywhere.

I think they played SHATNER

I honestly didn't like it at all, and while I didn't find it funny I can understand why other people would. It's crude, vulgar and over-the-top but it sadly isn't Jackass and that really let it down for me. My funniest part of the night was walking out of the cinema and going full politician mode avoiding the question "What did you think?" when talking to the guys from Click on camera and freezing when trying to think of a favourite part of the movie only to have the lovely lady conducting the interview save me by naming one of the more 'outrageous parts' (If, you're reading this, thank you!!)

The (sigh) Eldest Gorgebag

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things to Make you go LOL, Literally

In a much lighter mood since this morning's Rantorama, it's about time we had some LOLs all up in here. As ever, let me know if these have had the desired effect (literally Lolling that is) and feel free to leave links to what's making you guffaw this week:  

1. This Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon Levitt & Stephen Merchant

2. This Pish Taking Instagram Account:

3. Passive Aggressive Bear

4. THIS Hilarious Twitter Account: 

5. This Sign I want in my kitchen. STAT. 

Any of those have the desired effect, huh? 
Happy almost Friday, everyone!

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

Oh hey, Thursday, I've been waiting for you impatiently for days, while biting my knuckle and shaking my head in disbelief at some situations. 

There's nowt else for it but some ranting through the medium of gif - this here is what's been rustling my jimmies this week:

1. Fake Sleeping, Pouty Selfies

 photo 03370345_disgusted_gif_zps222a04ac.gif

2. Emails that Open with
'Dear Blogger'
 photo tumblr_m9en10uqX41qit8aco1_500_zpsf8789160.gif

3. Having Back Pain on the Bus so Bad that
Everyone Staring Thinks I've Pooped Myself!
 photo you-dont-know-me_zps3b6ef68a.gif

4. Invites to Incredible Events

 photo 989_zpsd7479cbd.gif

5. Horrendous Comments on Youtubers' Videos

 photo ntIixXH_zpsf3e300a1.gif
Seriously, feelings of stabbiness have now reduced by at least 84%. You really should try it - just let me know, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Take 3 - Burgundy Cream Shadows ft Chanel, Estée Lauder & Autograph

On this Take 3 offering we're looking at one of the most flattering shades of shadow for blue/green eyes and an absolute autumnal winner too, burgundy cream shadows. Yes, the shade works wonderfully with brown or hazel eyes too but there's something about the warmth of burgundy against blue that can transform the eye in your head. My top three picks are Chanel's Ébloui, Estée Lauder's Cosmic and Autograph (Marks & Spencer's) Russet, so there's something here to keep every purse happy. 

Though the three lined up seem vastly different, we'll go through them one by one with a final comparison swatch just to see how much burgundy bang you're getting for your buck. 

Autograph Russet: €10 (or €6.66 on 3 for 2)
Starting with the most affordable of the lot, Autograph's Russet is from the Marks and Spencer's line and the first product of their brand I've tried. The softest of the 3, Russet is a bright, coppery red toned burgundy mousse with lashings of pink and gold microglitter, though doesn't feel gritty. I use this with a lid primer (Smashbox is my fave) for an all over the eye look or buffed into the crease of a cream/gold shadow for a little more oomph. 

Though light as air on application, you have to be quick as once this Pure Color Mousse has set, it's not budging. I'm talking a good eight hours, crease free wear. I managed to pick up Russet on a 3 for 2 from M&S here, that's 3 shadows for €20 and, hands down, it's the best beauty bargain I've managed to bag. I'm in the actual love with it.  

Estée Lauder's Pure Color Shadow Stay on Paint: Cosmic: €23
Next up the price point ladder we have Estée Lauder's Cosmic. One of the nine in its line, Cosmic leapt at me from the Estée Lauder stand in Sephora on my last jaunt to Paris. A deeper bronzey shade of burgundy, the golden shimmer is woven through the soft touch shadow. I'd liken these more to MAC Paint Pots than Russet's mousse texture above. 

Again, speed is your friend when applying this cream shadow, I wear it as a wash on the lid, buffed out to bejebus or as an under eye liner applied with an angled brush. When I say you're looking at longevity with this shade, I'm talking after the A bomb, there'll only  be cockroaches and Estée Lauder's Cosmic left - they'll be some FANCY roaches.  You can pretty much sleep in this burgundy bad boy and greet the post man at the crack of dawn with everything still in place. You'll find it and its counterparts here for €23.

CHANEL ILLUSION D'OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow: Ébloui: €29
Just like Cosmic, Chanel's Ébloui is one of nine stunning colours available from the brand. The most expensive of the lot, it took me over 6 months to get my mitts on this burgundy beaut. The formulation of this cream shadow is pure luxury, spongey to the touch and ridiculously soft, it glides on to the lid effortlessly as only Chanel can. 

A deep russet red, brown with multi coloured micro glitter, Ébloui is an absolute dazzler in the sunshine and an ideal shadow for a rich autumnal smokey eye. I wear it pressed over Catrice's Made to Stay Charcoal paint pot and buffed out liberally for a statement eye (it's a thing). You'll pick up Chanel's Ébloui here for €29.50 and I'd recommend every cent of it. 

And that's them, my Take 3 Burgundy Cream Eye Shadows. I honestly couldn't choose a favourite. I find myself reaching for Chanel more but wouldn't be without the other two, despite how eerily similar they are. 

As with all Take 3 posts, if you have a link to a similar post (about burgundy shadow), please feel free to leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Up Costumes for Halloween: Prepare for THE CUTENESS (Guest Post)

Afternoon all, here I have a fab post from my even more fab Sister, Corrina (WHO SHOULD HAVE A BLOG) about how she's brought Pinterest to life and dressed her two little lads as the characters from Pixar favourite, UP, on a shoestring. Enjoy!

While thinking of what to dress my two little lads as for Halloween I started browsing Instagram & Pinterest as you do! I came across this little fella & thought he was the cutest little Mr Fredrickson from Up.
I thought it’d be easy enough to put together but I couldn’t find a black dickie bow anywhere. Even twitter couldn’t help! While out for a drink with CherrySue in The Church I spied Penny’s over her shoulder.
So I ordered a round & left her to browse the interweb while I hotfooted it across the road. In less than 10 minutes I was in & out with the complete outfit for my 2 year old all for €22.00
White polo tops 2 for €2.50, grey cardigan €10, brown cords €6 & dickie bow €3.50 - ALL from Penney's!
Genius idea from Cherry Sue for his glasses, just use children's 3D movie glasses & pop out the lenses. 
Cillian wondering how to get the skylight open to test these bad boys
Ok so now the tricky part, the walker, I asked the hubby for ideas of which he had none & told me “It can’t be done”. He should really know by now not to tell me that! I went to our local hardware store, Griffin Hawe and showed Anthony a photo of the walker on my phone. Hey presto, 10 minutes later he had made me one and glued it together for me for €12. A quick trip to the Euro shop for tennis balls (4 for €2.50) and little mans outfit was complete.

His older brother also needed a costume so I thought of Russell.
While on a trip to Dublin I paid a quick visit to the Scout Shop on Liffey Street. I got an orange neckerchief, woggle and 2 packs of 20 badges all for €10. Marks & Sparks had a sale on school uniforms so I picked up 2 yellow polo tops for €4.50. For the badge holder I cut up a sheet & tied it in a knot at his hip. The badges I stuck on with double sided sticky tape! Hubby usually does the sewing in this house!
After being in the Reserve Defence Forces for 7 years & hubby still serving we literally have a shed load of camping things. So I got a little back pack & tied on cups, mess tins & binoculars. Just add balloons & we are ready to rock for Halloween. Let me know what you think and if you have any costume ideas. You can find me on twitter @jordanstone4 and on Instagram as stonebabies. Happy Halloween ;)
The finished look. Kant Kope!!
What do we think? We think she should have a blog, right? RIGHT?! Thanks a mill, Sis, come back anytime.

Soap & Glory's Heel Genius: An Overnight Sensation

You might remember my last attempt to avoid those foot exfoliating monstrosities by getting myself a pair of Eco Tool cotton socks, well on that occasion my choice of balm really didn't wow me, it didn't 'knock my socks off' as it were (there's puns in this post, get used to it). That's where Soap & Glory's Heel Genius stepped in with the cheeky tagline 'BETTER THAN A PEDICURE?!'. I love you Soap & Glory but I'll be the judge of that one, thanks. 

I had expected Heel Genius to smell exactly the same as 98% of Soap & Glory's body products, as in like Christmas 2011, but nope. We're talking a clean, pleasant and a more subtle scent than we're used to from the pun slinging, pink brand. On the ingredients list we're looking at Allantoin (it's a natural chemical compound used to treat problem skin)(I didn't know either), Glycerin, Macadamia Oil, Menthol (though undetectable sniff-wise), Bilberry and Orange & Lemon Fruit Acid Smoothers. 

The instructions on the packaging are to 'Apply every night (or as often as you remember)' but truthfully, I used this balmy moisturising mix once overnight last week with my Eco Tools socks and haven't needed to even look at this tube since. 

My feet were (and are) soft to the touch, moisturised and nourished even now, a week later and that's no mean feet ( I can hear you groaning, I'm almost done)... There may have even been a celebratory moonwalk, while the youngest was eating his brekkie to show him how happy I was. I'm not proud. He never is. 

While I used my Eco Tools socks for application, you genuinely don't need 'em. A pair of simple cotton sockies from Penney's/Primark will do the job just as effectively once you have this bad boy. 

You can get Soap & Glory's Heel Genius here for €7.65 AND it's on 3 for 2 at the moment. Add in the sock price and you still have a daycent foot treatment for less than a tenner. So was it 'BETTER THAN A PEDICURE?!', I'll have to say no but change your wording to 'AS GOOD AS A PEDICURE!' and you're on to a winner. Bless your little cotton socks, Heel Genius, you can stay. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday's Moments: 21/10/13

Good afternoon, Monday, thought you'd get us all down by opening the heavens once more, didn't you? Well not this lass, there's been many kick ass Moments this week and this five alone are enough to keep me chipper as we start a new week: 

1. No Respect!!

I was delighted to finally get my hands on a Glossybox last week, so excited that I had already taken the lid off before I realised I should have my camera ready to take a few snaps. 

When I came back into the living room THIS is what I found. Boo has zero respect for the GlossyBox unboxing ritual! On the bright side that crimpledy paper kept her busy for hours. 

2. Bell X1 Weekend? Done! (Deal)

I've waxed lyrical about my love for Bell X1 before, they've made Cherry Pick of the Week several times and I still maintain that they're one of the most underrated Irish bands of the past ten years. 

Well the Gods (and Done Deal) must have been listening because this lovely lot arrived at my door last Wednesday. I'm about to educate the Sister in the ways of daycent Irish music, the madness of the Spiegeltent and daycent nights out in Wexford (even if I do need a mobility scooter to do it!). Huge thanks to Done Deal!!

3. The Momma & Son who Mud Mask Together

You might remember that the youngest Gorgebag did a Pro Activ trial for us this year to try calm his teenage troublesome visage but we weren't wowed by the results unfortunately. 

Well thanks to the lovely Sharon of Behind Green Eyes who sent a veritable feast of masks and samples for me to try, Adam and I had a little bonding session during the week with matching mud masks. He refused to allow me photograph him but his results were fantastic. I've agreed to buy a fistful of these babies, apply them for him once a week and document the changes. Thanks a mill, Shazza, you may have given us a cure!

4. Sequins, Sass and my 
Entire Karaoke Favourites Setlist

The Sis and I were thrilled to head along to the Bord Gais Theatre on Press Night to check out Priscilla Queen of the Desert last week. One of my favourite films, I was nervous that it would be lost in translation and I'd end up hating it. 

From the opening act we laughed, we cried, we clapped and sang our hearts out. This rendition of Priscilla is exactly what musical theatre is all about. If you get a chance to get your tuckus to this Dublin run, please do, you will NOT be disappointed. 

5. Reason I'm Glad I Didn't 
Sell him to a Circus: 1,34567

I'm fairly sure ye're all tired of hearing about my bandy back at this stage. I only managed to leave the house 3 times this week and I can tell you it took it out of me. The madra has been following me from room to room all weekend so I know I must be hobbling more than usual. 

After an exhausting weekend, I headed up to bed early last night. Partly because it had been a long week but mostly because the tablets weren't even taking the edge off. As I lay half comatose but still aching, I was cursing myself for not bringing my heat pad but full sure I couldn't make it back down - that's when this big thoughtful Oaf snuck into the room and lay it on my hip, having heated it in the microwave. I pretty much welled up from gratitude and instant relief. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it but I'm keeping him. Like FOREVER. Sorry, ladies of the world. 

Tell me, what's chasing your Monday Blues away then? 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week: Róisín Ó - Hold On

We were delighted to be invited to pop along and see Róisín Ó this weekend in Whelans, the numb bum was a small price to pay to hear the Irish songstress enchant the room, hot on the heels of her German tour accompanying Ryan Sheridan. 

Hold On is just one of her hauntingly beautiful songs that has stayed with me since Friday and you might even recognise Aaron, there from his recent acting part in RTEs Love/Hate. 

If you get a chance to see Róisín live do please grab it with both hands. She's a stunning girl with a stunning talent. 

Find out more here. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Turbo: Movie Review

Who's in it?

What's it About? 

Theo (Reynolds) is a tiny garden snail with huge dreams. Watching the Indy 500 tapes to the point of obsession, he knows he can be more, despite his dissaproving and safety focussed brother Chet (Giamatti). When a freak Nitrous Oxide accident gives Theo the speed to fulfill his dreams, fate puts him on the right track but can the undersnail win? 

Any Good? 

Despite being the first of it's kind character wise, the premise of Turbo is a very familiar one - fans of Cars, A Bug's Life, Ratatouille and more recently Planes will consider this colourful tale of self belief and determination a little predictable but satisfying nonetheless. 

They're fast, he's furious

The ensemble cast of Turbo really adds to the tale with Samuel L stealing the show several times. Though a little slow moving (no pun intended) in comparison to other animation favourites, there's jokes aplenty, some great one liners and a peppering of adult humour, subtle enough to float over little ones' heads. The inclusion of a bouncing soundtrack and even its own viral auto tune adds to the humour and manages to liven things up just as the younger audience start to get antsy. 

A snail's eye view of victory

Cute and colourful, I'd be reluctant to advocate 3D as a neccessity for Turbo. The real fans of this movie, the under tens, will find the glasses distracting and with the lulls in the storyline, that's a recipe for disaster. While Dreamworks have absolutely upped their game, animation wise, this offering just felt a little underwhelming to me. The likes of Megamind and Kung Fu Panda prove that this studio have the ability to produce truly memorable movies. Just not this time. 

Look at that Es-Car-Go! (Escargo - geddit?)
While this tale of whimsy and colourful determination is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours with your little people, I'd be inclined to advise you wait for the dvd release to do just that. Instead save their piggy banks for the release of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 next week see how universally entertaining an animation can be.