Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Collection: Prepare your Noses for Smoky Roses

Admittedly The Body Shop's White Musk of yesteryear was my Sis' ultimate scent, I was more of a Fuzzy Peach kinda gal. This years addition to the White Musk line though has change my mind and how. Made with man made, cruelty free musk, the White Musk Smoky Rose collection is exactly the kind of scent that puts me in mind of Autumn/Winter - spiced, musky and darkly floral. 

Priced exceptionally well for such an expensive smelling scent, the entire collection can be picked up for less than €50 and once you catch a sniff of this darkly delicious scent, I guarantee you'll think that's a bargain too.

Top notes are bergamot, pink pepper and black currant; middle notes are tobacco blossom, black rose, orange blossom and immortelle; base notes are olibanum and white musk. 

My Mam has already wrestled the EDT from my reluctant paws as when driving me to my last four doctor's appointments, every single time I sat into the car she inhaled deeply and looked at me forlornly like only an Irish Mammy can. I'll be replacing it this week to go alongside the richly perfumed body wash (heaven with scrubby gloves) and the thick, moisturising body lotion (that lingers on the skin for hours). 

You'll find the White Musk Smoky Rose collection here online or in The Body Shop stores now. I'm recommending you give it a whirl real soon. 


Beyond Blush said...

I've been hearing nothing but rave reviews on this new scent! I'll need to stop by a store and give it a sniff :)

Kat said...

Lol, mammies are so good at the guilt-trips. I've lost count of the stuff I've handed over after being told how lovely it was. But they did birth us and raise us so I s'pose it's the least we can do!

I was a White Musk teen. I think I'm gonna have to check this more adult version out tomorrow! No doubt it'll be love. Hopefully though it won't make me wistful for other cosmetics of yore like gold lipstick and hair mascara... >_<

Unknown said...

Been hearing really good things about this scent. The bottle is so cute! x