Sunday, July 31, 2011

Movie Night - Blu Ray Reviews

For time immemorial, well at least the past 10 years the lads & I have a movie night. In addition of course to cinema trips. Usually its a Saturday but once on a blue moon Mammy gets a life and it's Friday instead. That day can be alternated, the ritual not so much. 

It involves a duvet, lights out, 3 films, my weight in popcorn and the lads combined weight in Sweeties. I should point out if the ISPCC happen to be reading that now the boys are fully fledged teens they alternate who gets under the duvet. Not minding being in with their Mammy but with each other?! 'Ghaawwwd, he'll be touching off me an' everything!'

Anywho, this Saturday it was the turn of 3 movies we'd each heard a bit about:-

The Good
The Lincoln Lawyer is an adaptation of a Michael Connelly novel. Now we all know how I feel about adaptations but this had come recommended from the big Bro so we gave it a looksie. McConaughey has the slick slightly douchey lawyer role downpat at this stage, think A Time to Kill and in this sepia toned thriller he doesn't disappoint. The film centres on himself, a defence attorney called in to defend a Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillipe) on what appears to be a simple GBH. But this is Michael Connelly we're talking about, it was never going to be simple. There are twists, several big twists. When revelations turn the danger to McConaughey's personal life something needs to be done. 

All in all this is a really enjoyable film, not least brought along by a great supporting cast, Marisa Tomei and William H Macy to name but two. There's enough happening to keep you watching and even one or two heart racing minutes. To me though the shocks and twists were a little predictable and the inevitable outcome seemed to lack punch. Maybe because I saw echoes of Primal Fear that just weren't realised. I already have this novel downloaded to the kindle and have an inkling I'll find the missing oomph there. 

The Great
Source Code is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen for a while. A 21st century Groundhog Day with subtle undertones, conspiracy, intrigue and altered states of conciousness. Jake Gyllenhaal, who played a similar role in Brothers, that of a dutiful if affected soldier, makes this movie his own. Based on a premise not too unlike Inception with accompanying brain freeze moments, this movie sucks you in and takes you along for the slick, fast paced and wholly engrossing 8 minutes. Again and again. From the opening scenes showing Chicago in her best light to the closing moments where you realise this film is even cleverer than you initially thought, I loved it. 
The only explanation for this movie flying so far below our radar is that it's trailer just didn't do it justice. Only a second directorial time out for Duncan Jones, this sci-fi thriller has really put him on Hollywood's map and now I know to look out for him. Do yourself a favour and pick this one up. 

& the downright Ugly

Admittedly this was the choice of the elder teen, wah? he's a teenage boy. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Nothing to do with the fact that the Farrelly brothers can be seriously funny. Always disgusting but often hilarious. Kingpin being one of the comedic highlights not to mention There's Something about Mary anyone? I'm not sure when or how but the Farrelly brothers have sprained their collective funny bone. 

Owen Wilson is usually a safe bet for laughs and genuine comedic timing but in this he plays a pasty poindexter far too convincingly for my liking. Pouting his lips and waiting for Jason Sudeikis (That dude that presented the awards that I'd never seen before) to deliver his contrived lines. In fairness Sudeikis has screen presence and good timing but he needs to make better script choices. This all just felt too forced and nothing smothers comedy quicker than forced laughter. The general pitch of this film is that these suburban middle aged men are becoming restless at home and their beleaguered wives (Fischer & Applegate) on the advice of a Psychologist grant them a Hall Pass from their marriages for one week. Hilarity should have ensued, all the elements are there but, to me, this was such a let down. Overacted and under delivered.   

Yes there are one or two involuntary, shocked laughs. This IS the Farrelly Brothers. But all in all it's contrived and self indulgent. Owen, how could you? Considering the nudity and toilet humour even the teen boys didn't rate this one. Now that's saying something. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

If You Go Down to the Woods Today..

Zorbing Nation

Looking to blow off the cobwebs & take advantage of the lovely weather we found ourselves over in the wonderful Corkagh Park today in Clondalkin. It's been several years since we'd been and there are one or two more attractions in place these days, Thanks to Outdoor Adventures. 

Aqua Zorbing. Most hilarious spectator sport EVER!

This park has to be one of the most beautiful amenities in the country and I spent the afternoon wondering why we don't go more often. With their fishing lakes, camping grounds and ginormous playground for the little 'uns there's something for everyone. A trip into the petting farm is also a must or a stroll around the beautiful, award winning rose garden. But the addition of these outdoor activties mean that if you find yourself with a surplus of energy and a need to make your loved ones laugh till they snort like pigs (I was that snorty soldier) then zorbing is for you. 

Cutie on the quad ready to stop the lads
Not too spendy, prices are for 3 turns

Gobble, Gobble. One of the gobbly residents of the lovely petting farm. 

If you find yourself at a loss for a day filler during the school holidays or any time of the year, I can't recommend this park enough. Throwing a picnic in the boot too would mean you could make an entire day of it. Bliss. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Can't Beat a Good Read. Usually.


Do you prefer the spoken or written word when it comes to entertainment?

I’ve been a little single minded in the past when it comes to reading versus the silver screen or telly box. Greeting TV or film re-enactments of favourite books with a resounding ‘Pish!’, Think Steig Larrson’s words trounced upon when Lisbeth Salander came to life in movie form. But I’ve seen several instalments lately that have made me question my flippancy.

My usual reaction when someone recommends a film or TV show is ‘Oh, have you read the book?’, when Sky Atlantic showed the first episode of Game of Thrones, an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire series, my kindle couldn’t download them fast enough for me. Cue inhalation of 4 x 1000+ page books. Granted that didn’t stop me watching the series, nor waiting with bated breath to see casting decisions or Producers’ renditions of George’s stellar tales & characters in series 2.

That wasn’t the first instance though, when True Blood started from episode 1 I was hooked. I read every word of Charlaine Harris’ books before the series was even halfway through. Now well into series 4 online I have to hand it to Alan Ball. While he has stayed true to the book, his character departures and visual mastery (Oh, Lord the visual mastery) have set his rendition on a par with if not better than the preceding books.

I have only once seen a film that, in my opinion, far outclassed the novel. Limitless starring Bradley Ridey* Cooper was based on an Irish Author Alan Glynn’s Dark Fields. Had I read the novel first I might be of another opinion, I’d also like to think that it wasn’t just the visuals that swayed my favour to the silver screen adaptation but the movie far outweighed the book. Start to finish. So it can be done.

There are of course examples of talent that transcend all media, take my favourite Director/Author/Producer/Genius Guierllmo del Toro. Pan’s Labyrinth, la Orfanato, Hellboy & even Blade. Beautiful, scaredy and just awesome. His book, The Strain, is the only book that truly terrified me. An amazingly engrossing and frightfully ‘realistic’ insight into the dark life of ruthless vampires. Picture Joey in Friends hiding The Shining in the freezer when he was too scared? I was worse.

On the whole I’m a words person, despite any misconceptions this post might leave you with. That’s not to say I don’t thoroughly enjoy a great movie. This year will also see the movie adaptation of The Help and One Day, two stand out novels that I’ve read in the past year. I‘ll await them with an open mind safe in the knowledge that Limitless has set a precedent that proves novels can translate and if not? Well there’s always the popcorn.

*not his actual middle name.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Nail Tip for Summer Pastels & Crazy Neons

I hadn't intended on another nail post quite so quickly but accidentally came across a nice little nail tip this weekend and felt the need to shareI've heard lament and been the lamenter of  the time it takes to apply summer pastels. While sporting a french polish over the weekend I conveniently 'found myself' in Superdrug trying out the lovely Pastel Nail Paints by Barry M. 

Some May have fallen into my mála aprés nail tip discovery.
L-R Mint Green, Blueberry, Strawberry & Lemon
Yup, pastels can be a bit of a PIB (pain in the bum) when it comes to application and that has stopped me purchasing in the past. It can take up to 3 coats to reach the desired opacity, which some of us have neither the time nor the inclination for. Cue me swatching the pastels over a french polish in Superdrug and Eureka! 
The pastels POP instantly when applied over a white base!
We all have a couple o' whites lying 'round for tip work
Half & Half
Difference is immediately noticeable with just one coat
So there you have it, to save time and achieve the desired result a white base coat can really work. Got me to thinking about other PIB colours, such as Neons. 
Et Voila! Great for the impact of Neons too
Have to say I'm all about time saving time and getting faster results so I'll definitely be using this trick in future. 

How 'bout you?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh Baby!

Hey Blogosphere, great news, my very best friend is having a baby. Today!

I had always said that by the time my pals had their bundles of joy I'd be sending Congratulations postcards to Holles St from a hammock in Mauritius. That thought eased the sting of my sleepless nights up with sprockets compared to their sleepless nights on epic benders. Things haven't quite gone to plan though. Do they ever? 

Instead of swaying in the the breeze, cocktail in hand, I'm on a much needed day off, catching up with things I don't have time for through the week and shaking with excitement at the prospect of welcoming  the nicest Gal in the world into Mammyhood. 

Must dash though, the champagne & flutes are not going to sneak themselves into the hospital xx

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girl Crush of the Moment & SOTD

Nicole Sherwowzer

One emergence over the past couple of years has been the readiness of ladies, moi included, to admit to a little crush on other ladies of the fabulous variety. In fairness, not a crush at all but more an admiration of their fabulous ways. A welcome relief for Sistahood rather than sniping or begrudging one another and in some ways initially the marketing genius that was behind the Spice Girls. 

That said, my ‘Girl Crush’ of the mo has to be the gawjus Nicole Sherzinger. Ex lead Doll of the Pussycat variety. She can’t seem to put a foot wrong at the minute, apart from her dubious taste in boyfriends. 

Durty Pillows courtesy F1LoverXX  

We’re set to see a whole lot more of her in the coming months with her sashaying into the still spinning Judge’s chair of Cheryl Cole on the American X Factor. Judging by her guest appearance on the UK version and subsequent adoration of Simon Cowell I’d say she’s more than up for the task.  

I bought her album, Killer Love, recently and for the most part love every track. Don’t get me wrong – I won’t be crowing it at the top of my lungs while the lads are in the car (lyrics are more than a little durrty) but I find myself shuffling through it more & more when out walking the hound.

This SOTD is a catchy little ditty that she performed on Graham Norton a couple of weeks back. When Graham quizzed her about the lyrics ‘Don’t wash your mouth out, I like it dirty’ she gave him a wry smile and said ‘It’s really a love song’. She’s one talented gal with a wicked sense of humour.

 Loving your work Nicole.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NOTD - Lavender Loveliness

Behold lavender loveliness (says I). I wanted something a little pretty and a little ‘tame’ as I’m back in the office this week.

Lavender grown WAILLD in my garden

I have a serious grá for all things glitter but didn’t want to go too over the top. This combo, again uses an Essence colour (€1.29) called No More Drama. And it’s certainly not dramatic. More of a creamy lavender/lilac and very, very pretty.

Don’t get me wrong I do have a laaarge array of polishes but can never resist these little Essence beauties for on trend colours or for experimenting with.

To the tips! I used a Nails Inc London bottle of fabulousness in Park Lane, a shiny mauve glitter that I’ve never seen the likes of before. It has very high glitter content and with one shake gives great sparkle payoff. It was one of a set of three I picked up on a recent break for the border in Debenhams, Newry for £20. Bargain! 

My precious 

I painted the tips freehand as the glitter is very forgiving. One advantage of an opaque nail bed colour is you can fake your lines when your nails are shorter, as mine are at the minute. Et voila, instant tips. A handy tip for all manis is this glitter tip. It can cover chips and prolong an existing paintjob. The sparkly formulation is much harder wearing too, so ideal if you're up to eyes with working/wrangling kiddies etc. 

End result in the light of day?

So what do we think? Meh or Mahoosive?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Batiste XXL - One X Too Many for Me!

People like big hair. Fact. Consider the photographic evidence if you will M'Lud..

Hootie being Hairy

Sarah & Cherdle putting their spoke in for the Dallas remake.  (Courtesy Celebuzz.)

In my own quest for bouffant bigness I've been loving Batiste Dry Shampoo, not to mention the fact that you can get away with skipping every second wash. Haring out the door at a speed of knots every morning means that this is a product I've bought, re bought and recommended with abandon. 

Imagine my delight to learn that they were bringing out an XXL version, I thought all my hairy prayers had been answered and made my way to Boots to pick it up for €5.19. It should be said that Batiste has become something of a cult product of late and have expanded their line. Again, for the most part I'd recommend you try it. 

Usually the steps for using Batiste involve tipping your head upside down, spraying the product into the roots, rubbing in with your fingers and then styling as usual (Upright again, of course). That very evening I gave the XXL a shot using these steps. All attempts to rub in this product though were futile. My hair was HARD, a good sign of body I thought so had a look in the mirror. This version is literally hair raising, not in a good way, in a Don King way. It's the first of the line too that I found stained my hair with greyish/white streaks. Again, Don King and really not the look I'm going for. 

I attempted to brush the product through but I'm not a huge fan of pain & boy did it hurt. The only  solution being to rewash, entirely defeating the time saving purpose that attracts me to Batiste in the first place. I will hold on to it if only for up dos that don't need teasing. But if you're looking for a dry shampoo to add a little volume for every day styles or for wearing your hair loose this is really not the one to go for. 

Then again each to their own, the product I've described might be exactly what you're looking for - 

Who am I to judge?!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's in a name?

Pleased to meet you my name is Susan Mary Margaret Patricia *cough, splutter* but you can call me CherrySue. Partially because I am loathe to tell people my plethora of names but mainly because that’s how online folk know me. I have a feeling with the recent spate of celebrities and ‘laypeople’ bestowing their babies’ with outlandish monikers that that’s a trend that’s set to continue.

My younger sister, Corrina, had serious difficulty with her name in her teenage years. Her reasoning being that she would never be able to get a necklace with her name on it – seriously. She went to the extent of informing us that her name would be Sandra, in her reckoning a nice normal name. She bought herself a nameplate for our bedroom door with a swirly Sandra painted in flowers. That was a short lived boycott; she’s happily Corrina again & has even since found a gold necklace with her name. Little did she realise how lucky she was considering Harper Seven Beckham, Fifi Trixibelle Geldof or even Reign Beau Rhames. Sweet Lord.

I’m not saying it’s easy to choose a name for your bundle of pink loveliness when they arrive. Pour over baby name books for eight or nine months if you will but even then it’s tough. My youngest didn’t have a name for two weeks as we just couldn’t seem to find the right fit. Swatting away suggestions of Paul or William as being ‘too old fashioned’ but settling on Adam (?!). Ah the reasoning of a 19 year old.

Growing up catholic in Ireland you get one golden opportunity to pick a name for yourself at Confirmation. For my entire sixth class I had my mind set on Ruth, I thought it was so exotic, so unusual. I didn’t count on our religion teacher vetoing exotic and/or unusual names (This still irks me) and landing me with the very holy but in my mind unholy Mary. Mary?!?

We gave both boys their Grandparents names as middle names, which I thought was nice. The boys however curl they’re lips when asked for their full names, you can’t win. I’ve told them middle names are a child’s way to tell they're in trouble so they should never need to hear them!

A good friend of mine is expecting her first baby now and himself wants to use his late mother’s first name. She is adamant it’s not going to happen as it’s not a nice baby’s name, his argument being ‘Mammy was a baby once too you know’ her argument ‘Indeed she was, in the 1940s’. A middle name is the compromise.

Mammies or Daddies never can tell if a name will suit their child though as they grow into the people and personalities that they’re destined to be, take for example the invitation I saw scrawled on a toilet stall wall - For a good time call Chastity Williams (number supplied). I have a feeling Mammy or Daddy didn’t see that one coming.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Fabulous? Yes Please!

Pic courtesy of

My quest for larger hair has been long and arduous, not to mention costly. You name it I've tried it. In reality I should have posted a pic of my locks at present but am feeling a little iffy about them at the minute (More on that later). 
I saw the gawjus Aisling of recommend these lovelies on her recent stint on Exposé & thought 'Why not, wha?' I picked them up in Boots for €8.79 but they do have a 3 for 2 on at the minute and even better than that, their haircare voucher will get you a further €3 off. Not to be sneezed at. 

The shampoo itself smells, well, delicious, there's almost a musky sweet smell, if that makes any sense and this is the first I've used in a while that the scent actually stays with you into the next day. I love it. Looking at the product itself under light you can see iridescent particles that I'm assuming only help with the awesome shine on drying. 

Its not often I like a shampoo on first impressions because I find volumising offerings tend to weigh your hair down after a wash or two but not so with this. I've been using it for several weeks now and have even re bought at this stage. Because of the 3 for 2 offer I've also bought and used the Intensive Treatment in the range. You can use it twice a week but I honestly haven't needed to. Once is plenty. 

Would highly recommend this range if you're on the lookout for a little volume and certainly if you want moisture & shine. It ticks all the boxes & I'm hooked. 

I had my six weekly hair cut/style last week and was telling the girl about this product, she uses it herself and she too raves about the results. Having explained my need to reach higher heights with my grúaig I gave her free hand to chop as much as she liked. I have to say I floated out of the salon and all the way home to be met by the eldest - 'Oh, Mam you went for a mullet?', 'Ehm, nope', 'Don't panic, they're all the fash, it's like business up front and parrrty out back!'. 

He broke my achey breaky heart..

Friday, July 08, 2011

2 Day Early NOTD - They're Grrrreat!

Ring bought in TopShop sale for very few p. 

What with me getting the madra groomed in the morning and then haring off to Offaly to see a great Pal for a night on the razz ain't no way, no how I'm going to have the wherewithal to do a NOTD on Sunday. So voila! I've kept one accent finger from last week's Leoparder NOTD, it's the weekend so I can get away with it. Spent the evening trying out different animal prints, some waaaay more successful than others so decided on this.

Again I used the Essence Coulour & Go in 'What Do U Think', I'm so impressed with the coverage of this polish for €1.29 you can't go wrong. I picked up another couple this week that'll feature in future ventures. The lines were made using the Kiss Nail Art Pen too. 

The lines, while fairly wonky for a first attempt, are just random assortments with some forks thrown in. I'm fairly delirah with the overall effect. This mani only takes an average of ten minutes, that's for a novice like me and I reckon you could do it with any colour combo and still get a great effect. I only chose the Essence as that was used on the accent nail. 

One word of warning though when it comes to nail art has to involve your quick dry topcoat. Normally I love a swish of Sally Hansen but it caused the dreaded drag this time. 
 So frustrating! Even though this mani didn't take too long I can imagine the Grrrr if it had. In future I'll be using Seche Vite that finds its own level on the nail without the need to drag. I had been avoiding it lately because of the gloopy factor but it'll be kept fo' sho'. 

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Guard - Preview Review

Pic courtesy of

The Mammy & I had the good fortune thanks to the kind folks at to tootle along to the preview of The Guard last night in Movies@Swords.

John Michael McDonagh, screenwriter of Ned Kelly debuted this aptly genre titled Black Irish Comedy at the Sundance Festival this year to great acclaim. It’s interesting to note that the last truly brilliant Irish comedy starring Brendan Gleeson that debuted at last years festival, In Bruges, was the baby of John’s brother Martin. They grew the Directors sharp in that family.

I did have concerns in the first 20 mins that we were bordering dangerously close to Darby O’ Gill territory with plenty of F’s & not a lot of tact but was quickly and happily proven wrong as the movie and the plot picked up pace. Throw a brutal murder, drug smuggling, tests in morality and the barren landscape of the ‘wesht’ and the scene is set. The soundtrack, perfectly chosen supports the movie brilliantly.

Enter Don Cheadle as an FBI agent with the initial impression that he’s a big fish in a little pond but he quickly realises he’s out of his depth altogether and floundering with only the gloriously unPC and refreshingly dry Gleeson’s character Sgt Boyle to assist him. (Who, in my opinion, provides us with a hilarious nod to Daniel Craig; you’ll know it when you see it).

There are laugh out loud moments and situations, which the whole cinema enjoyed. These were provided by the support cast too, namely Liam Cunningham and Mark Strong but to say the others didn’t add their own gravitas would be doing them a disservice.

This film shows once more Gleeson’s outstanding ability to take a role and make it his own, McDonagh certainly provided a sharp yet subtle dialogue but I can’t imagine any other actor having the comic timing or the on screen presence to pull this movie off, because it is his movie. A personal highlight for me was the beautiful relationship he held with his ailing mother, whom I believe is the only character to truly know Sgt. Boyle.

Don Cheadle’s character at one point says to Gleeson, ‘I can’t decide if you’re really motherfu*kin’ smart or really motherfu*kin’ dumb’, I’ve decided and you should definitely get yourself along to this movie to decide for yourself.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Whatever happened to Child Labour in Ireland?

Irish Childer looking for summer work circa '91

I still can’t smell cheap frying oil burning without being brought right back to the summers of my youth working in a local coffee shop. I started in the summer after my 13th birthday and worked my naïve teenage fingers to the bone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating the advantage that was taken of us during those summers – we literally ran that lady’s business for buttons, but it did us no harm. Save the extra poundage from scoffing sausage toasties and the leftover bandy slice of cheesecake that was far too unappetising to put in the cake stand.

We were instilled with a work ethic at home from a very young age, I sometimes wonder if I only took the summer job as an escape from polishing the brass as God knows it wasn’t for the financial side of it. I firmly believe in the importance of showing your children that’s there’s nowt wrong with an honest day’s work, hence me juggling everything, all the time. But now that the Celtic Tiger seems to have spluttered and dropped down márbh how do we demonstrate it to the youngsters of today?

Long gone are ‘Bob a Jobs’ and even the token summer grass cutters seem to be a thing of the past. I think this may be due to a concoction of several different factors. Firstly we’re not as trusting as we once were, can you honestly say if a teen knocked on your door & offered to wash your car you’d say ‘Sure thing, Bud here’s the keys’? Then again how many teens these days put themselves forward for manual labour? There are galaxies to save and Angry Birds to fling don’t’cha know? And then we have the national lament of ‘All the good jobs are taken’, I’ve seen first hand how this affects the younger folk as our paper boy has been replaced by a cab driver, from his cab, with his light on. I’m not even joking.

Any way you look at it its tough out there on the jobs front, kids are being denied the independence of honestly earned money – no, pocket money for showing up at the breakfast table doesn’t count. My two have enrolled as helpers for the local summer projects, it means peace of mind for me while in the office & some spends for them. Win/Win.  I didn’t force them into it mind, their reasoning being that they get to boss the little ‘uns round, they get free admission to the attractions AND they’re paid for the privilege?! Momma di’nt raise no fools. 

Song of the Day - Good Life

It's not often you hear a song that you Love on first listen, then you hear songs like this. 
This is Hoooge in the States, so Happy July 4th folks, we'll heart it for a little while before the radio shows overplay it to a shell of it's former glory.
Good Life? Yes indeed. 

Transformers 3 - Exhausts Eyeballs

Among rumours of recycled footage Transformers 3 opened this weekend & quickly snaffled up $94 million in box office takings. Despite detractors from the previous 2 films it would seem the Transformers franchise is doing its best impression of Decepticon leader Megatron, you just can't keep it down.

Being avid fans of the series and of course Michael Bay (Bad Boys anyone?) the lads & I tootled off to see this latest instalment on Saturday. I should point out that Adam's shoulders usually drop approximately 2 feet when he realises films are in 3D, he hates the bland colours & cumbersome glasses, we had it on good authority though that for full enjoyment 3D was the only D to see.

Shia la Beouf returns as the beleaguered  Whitwickey, inexplicably jobless despite having saved the world twice with the stunning Rosie Huntington-Whitely on his arm. This being Rosie's debut role, she was brought in to replace Megan Fox who had allegedly commit career suicide. But there is zero, zilch explanation as to why she would be with LaBeouf's character. This girl is traffic stoppingly gorgeous, the word stunning invented for her and her ilk but unfortunately it would seem her talent, acting wise, ends there. She does have an ungodly ability in the midst of an intergalactic smack down to keep a jacket white though, which is handy. Having asked Aaron what he thought (He being 15 & she being a Victoria's Secret Goddess) he replied, she's a bit Blue Steel is she not? I love that kid more & more each day. He hit the nail on the head. 

Blue Steel circa Zoolander

La Beouf himself acts out of his socks, a little too much if I'm honest, though he shows huge potential for physical comedy in this instalment as does John Turturro on his return. Some of Turturro's scenes and quotes from the second movie still make me chuckle. As I've said Rosie's there for the Guys but the Gals aren't left out when it comes to eye candy the delicious Patrick Dempsey makes an appearance & shows once again his serious acting chops. Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel aren't to hard on the eye either.  

I have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed this film, Bay seems to have addressed the issues of flashing, blink and you'll miss it, CGI by slowing the scenes right down. Giving you a chance to truly gauge the awesomeness of the fight/ peril scenes of which there are plenty. The Decepticon's new secret weapon Shock Wave is introduced and Tyrese Gibson couldn't have said it better 'Why do the Decepticons get all the cool sh*t?' My guess is because they look so much cooler chasing you down!
As for the Bots themselves, Leonard Nemoy makes a vocal appearance and couldn't have been better cast. The twins from the second film have disappeared, which can only be a good thing but honestly I would have liked to see more character development with these guys. I have to admit that Bumblebee is my favourite & would have liked to see his and Sam's relationship fleshed out a bit more too. Despite having discussed whether or not you could actually be attracted to an Autobot with a close pal, she hearts Optimus, Japanese scientists have burst my bubble with the view that robot love is a while off yet. Failing that I'm guessing adding a Chevy Camero to my Lust List is going to have to do.

This film is looooong so those of you with younger kiddies might not be able to keep them easy for the duration but if you're a Transformers fan, like us, get thee to the cinema. Adam has since been swayed on the 3D too admitting it was 'needed for the sick scenes' as the credits rolled he gave his verdict 'My eyeballs are exhausted'. Quite.